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Fitness and Nutrition Career Change and Course Comparison Guide

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There is the right approach for each of these problems. That’s why we have written this guide for you to help you navigate through all the intricacies of looking for a career change and successfully starting your new business.

We have put together a logical 10-step process to put into practice. Here are the steps for your career change:

  1. How to find career opportunities in fitness and nutrition
  2. How to generate new career ideas from nothing
  3. Careers to consider when looking at evaluating those ideas
  4. Methods to choose the right career
  5. Evaluating your new career and business idea
  6. Validating your new business idea
  7. Getting qualified: Uni, online course or diploma?
  8. Decision time: find a job or start your own business?
  9. Pros and cons of starting a new career with seasonality
  10. Final thoughts

This is the most extensive guide on a career change that you will find anywhere on the Internet with 13,000 words and 87 pages of invaluable tips, effective advice and proven methods. Armed with this knowledge and tools, you will find your new career and begin another exciting journey in your life.

Read the whole guide made of 13 articles:

  1. Introduction – making a career change? Choosing the right career path, evaluating it, validating it, to getting a qualification and finding a job, there is a lot to go through. This guide will break down the framework step by step to help you find the right career idea.
  2. How to find career change opportunities – We go through career opportunity types to find the perfect career idea to start. In this chapter, we break down 7 opportunity types.
  3. Where to look for career change ideas – In this article, we will show you the 8 best places where to look for a new career idea, when you have no idea how to start. Things like shading people, checking freelance opportunities and more.
  4. Trending careers in sport and nutrition – We have selected our top 7 careers types that are currently trending on Google Trends.
  5. Choosing a career and specialization – Once you have career ideas in mind, it’s time to decide what to specialise on and to evaluate it. In this article, you learn how to choose the specialisation.
  6. Evaluating your new career move – You have chosen your career idea, now we show you which criteria you have to apply to make sure your idea of a career is feasible. We go through 10 criteria.
  7. Validating your new career move– You have done your research and you at this stage also need to make sure your new career idea is not just feasible but also successful. We show you how to test your idea before you even start your new career.
  8. University, online course, or diploma – There are 3 common classes types to acquire a certification: university, online course or diploma. In this article, we will go through the pros and cons of each.
  9. Finding a job or building your own business – Valida is done, certification completed, it’s now time to find a job or open your own business. In this article, we show you the pros and cons of both.
  10. Pros and cons of changing career in peak season – you have decided if you want to open a new business or find a job, now it’s time to see which period of the year is best starting your new career. Seasonality is very important information to keep in mind.
  11. Career change courses – if you need to upskill yourself, we have listed 21 career change courses specifically designed to help you make the switch. From languages, to CV preparation, personal training and sports massage.
  12. Final thoughts – if you read this chapter, congratulation! You have found your ideal career path and you are ready to start a new chapter in your life.
  13. Quotes from our career advisers – our career advisers at Future Fit Training share their best tips and recommendations on a career change. We have asked them some difficult questions to answer.
  14. About the author – Luca Tagliaferro, author of “How to make a career change: The definitive guide (2019)”

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