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Sports massage courses - future fit

Sports Massage Courses

Become a certified Sports Massage Therapist. If you are looking to start earning in 2-3 months, you are in the right place.

Sports Massage Courses

Specialise your fitness and health career with sports massage training designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve and enhance the health, performance, and lives of others.

We offer the standard Level 3 Sports Massage Course, ideal for people looking to become a Sports Massage Therapist or for existing health professionals to expand their services. With this course, you will not only gain the Qualification needed to become a Sports Massage Therapist but we will also provide you with a Massage Couch to get you ready to start your Sports Massage business, with our complete package.

Sports massage therapy

Level 3 Sports Massage Course

This course encompasses all of the required elements needed to work as a proficient and effective sports massage therapist.

sports massage on legs

Sports Massage Therapist

Become a highly skilled wellness professional and grow your coaching toolkit with Sports Massage Therapy. This course creates coaches who can confidently support clients with their muscular wellbeing with a thorough understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, principles of health and fitness, soft tissue dysfunction and treatments.

You will have the skill set to work with clients who have a range of dysfunctional tissue issues in settings such as pre/post and intra event roles as well as maintenance massage services.

Sports Massage Courses Topics

Are you looking to become a Sports Massage Therapist?

Our Level 3 Sports Massage Course will upskill you in these essential areas:

  • Anatomy and physiology of sports massage
  • Professional Practice in Sports Massage
  • Soft Tissue Dysfunction
  • Sports Massage Treatments

Why study a Future Fit Course?

Above Industry Standard
We raise the bar higher so you can exceed employer expectations
Employer-Tested Qualifications
We’ll help you build a career - not just get a certificate
Hands-on Practical Experience
Build confidence and get career-ready with hands-on training
Training above and beyond traditional fitness
We provide you with the knowledge to improve wellness in your community

Boost your knowledge with our selected choice of guides and articles

Below is a curated list of sports massage therapy career guides and tips to learn more about the various work choices available to you, as well as the mistakes to avoid and the skills you’ll need.