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Online Nutrition Courses & Training

Become certified in Nutrition with our industry-leading online Nutrition Courses. Game-changing training with the option of 0% finance.

Discover our courses today.

Flexible payment options
Start earning in 2-3 months
Written & Taught by Nutritionists
Learn from anywhere in the world with online courses

Download your How to Become a Nutrition Coach Guide

Your guide will give you full information about salary, qualifications and career progressions. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with one of our expert Career Advisers, who can provide friendly, no-obligation advice about your options and help you get started if you’re ready.

Main Nutrition Qualifications

Our comprehensive selection of online Nutrition Courses are perfect for those looking to increase their knowledge for personal use or for people wanting to start a career as a Nutrition Coach or Advisor. Discover our courses below.  

Entry Level
Level 3

Level 3 Nutrition & Weight Management Course

Ideal for people who want to build a knowledge base on Nutrition either for personal use or to be able to advise and help their own clients.

  • Key Information
    • Online learning with 1-2-1 & Group tutor support
    • Association for Nutrition (AFN) Certified
    • Start earning in 2-3 months
    • Career Accelerator Package
    • 6 months free access to Nutrium software worth £560
    • Access Insurance to practice through Balens
  • What's included
    • Behaviour Change Coaching
    • Nutrition & Weight Management Course
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Level 4

Level 4 RSPH Nutrition Course

Learn how to apply the principles of nutrition across the life cycle and to a range of clients with different goals. Become a Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) member.

  • Key Information
    • Online learning with 1-2-1 & Group tutor support
    • Virtual workshops
    • Association for Nutrition (AFN) Certified
    • Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Accredited An independent health education charity and the world’s longest-established public health body. As part of their work, the RSPH provides recognised health-related qualifications.
    • RSPH membership for 1 year
    • Put MRSPH after your name It stands for Member of the Royal Society for Public Health
    • Career Accelerator Package
    • 6 months free access to Nutrium software worth £560
  • What's included
    • Everything in Level 3 Nutrition
    • Sport & Exercise Nutrition
    • Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention
    • Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition
    • Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-Based Nutrition
    • Nutrition for Older Adults
    • Meal Planning
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Most Popular
Level 5

Level 5 Nutrition Course: Advanced Nutrient Metabolism

This is the UK's First Ofqual Recognised Level 5 Nutrition Course and gives you a good insight into the “why” behind the scientific principles of nutrition

  • Key Information
    • Currently UK’s only Ofqual-recognised level 5 qualification in Nutrition
    • Online learning with 1-2-1 & Group tutor support
    • Virtual workshops
    • Accredited by Transcend Awards
    • Equivalent to degree-level study
    • Fully evidence based
  • What's included
    • Everything in Level 4 RSPH Nutrition
    • Hormonal and metabolic effects of carbohydrate consumption
    • Factors affecting insulin sensitivity
    • Low carb & high-fat diets (ketogenic diets)
    • The role of hormones in lipid metabolism
    • Appetite regulation
    • Benefits and risks of high protein diets
    • Approaches to fat loss
    • Impact of dietary factors on cholesterol and blood lipids
    • Essential fats
    • The role of micronutrients in energy metabolism
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Industry Expert

Level 5 Nutrition Course: Nutrition and Immunity

This course includes advanced-level skills and understanding the optimal process of immune function, including auto-immune conditions and balancing gut bacteria.

  • Key Information
    • Online learning with 1-2-1 & Group tutor support
    • Virtual workshops
    • Accredited by Transcend Awards
    • Fully evidence-based
    • Written by degree qualified Nutritionists
  • What's included
    • Everything in Level 5 Nutrition: Advanced Nutrient Metabolism
    • The components of the immune system and how they function.
    • Gut health and immunity
    • Micronutrients and immune function
    • Diet and auto-immune conditions
    • Dietary practices associated with enhanced immune function
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Why Future Fit

We are committed to transforming lives with Nutrition Courses that go above and beyond the health and fitness industry standards.

Studying with Future Fit will set you up to positively impact the health and well-being of others.

The knowledge gained from our nutrition qualifications will provide you with a competitive edge over other nutrition coaches.

We provide you with a recognised nutrition qualification that employers trust.

Online Nutrition Courses - CPD

Explore the intriguing topic of nutrition with a variety of online, short courses designed both for professionals and those with a strong personal interest. CPD Courses allow you to develop knowledge in specific areas and give specialist advice.  

nutrition degree specalist

Start earning in 2-3 months.

Qualifying as a Nutrition Coach will return a highly rewarding & well-paid career. Once you qualify at Level 3 you can start earning from your qualification, this usually takes between 2-3 months and can cover the monthly costs of your course.

Fees & Funding Options

When it comes to funding your course there are multiple options available. We believe that world-class training should be accessible to everyone no matter their financial circumstances.

Therefore, we have developed a complete range of payment options, including 0% finance, to allow anyone to reach their career goals and leave a lasting legacy in the health and fitness industry.

Pay in full
Pay the full amount for your training in one whole lump sum, nice and simple.
0% finance*
Put down a deposit and then spread the cost of your training with 0% finance*
Deposit & balance
Put down a deposit and then pay the remaining balance in one lump sum at a later date.
Pay as you learn
Put down a deposit and then pay for the rest of your training in monthly payments.

Nutrition Courses to Become an Expert

Become a Nutrition Coach or Nutrition Advisor and build a successful career by studying a Nutrition course, without any entry requirements (other than being at least 16 years old). Our Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management Course and Level 4 RSPH Nutrition Course are fully certified by the Association for Nutrition (AFN).

Our newly launched Level 5 Nutrition Course in Advanced Nutrient Metabolism is the highest level of nutrition course available in the UK outside a degree in Nutrition and provides greater opportunities in expanding your nutrition knowledge.

This Future Fit Training course is currently the only Level 5 Nutrition Ofqual-recognised qualification available in the UK.

Discover our nutrition courses and learn new skills.

Future Fit Partners

Future Fit Training partners with many public and private bodies and organisations to ensure all of our nutrition courses are compliant, certified, and accredited.

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Future Fit Staff Office

Well Respected Nutrition Course

Our Level 4 Nutrition Qualification is accredited by RSPH, making you eligible to become a member. Enhance your opportunities and showcase your level of knowledge to future clients and employers with a well-respected accreditation.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

Use your nutrition skills in a range of job roles from catering to corporate health and wellbeing.
Our training sets you apart and provides you with an understanding of a range of different modules and specialisms as standard.

Written By Degree Qualified Nutritionists

Evidence-based nutritional course training means your skills and knowledge will be highly applicable. Unlike other providers, our training is not off the shelf. Experts in the field have mapped every aspect of your learning to go above and beyond the standard expected.

Expert Tutor Support

Study confidently knowing our expert team is just a call or email away. Your dedicated tutor team (all degree-qualified nutritionists and dieticians) are available each weekday by email and phone. You will be able to contact them directly from your course.

What will you learn?

Learn a vast variety of new skills about nutrition and health to add to your skillset, and improve your knowledge and understanding. Choose to learn more about Nutrition and Weight Management, or alternatively study a Level four or Level 5 Nutrition Course to gain a deeper understanding of Nutrition Science as a whole.

The industry of Nutrition and Health is ever-growing with people being more interested in their health and wellbeing now more than ever.

Studying this nutrition course online will provide you with the skills required to become a Nutrition Coach. Nutrition is not just about understanding how to adopt healthy eating and a healthy diet, it’s wider than this by looking at the science involved in Nutrition for the body and understanding the process of this to apply to a variety of clients.

Nutrition Courses

Pursue a career in the health & fitness industry

Our courses set the benchmark for industry training and ongoing support. If you’re ready to get started, so are we.

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Why study an online nutrition course?

By studying an online nutrition course, you will be able to:

  • Study at your own pace
  • Fit study around your current family and work commitments
  • Learn through a variety of mediums including video, quizzes, and animation

Be confident you are getting Nutrition training written by the best with experts in their field mapping out every aspect of your learning to ensure it goes above and beyond the nutrition industry standard.


Study confidently knowing our expert team of degree-qualified nutritionists and dieticians are there to support you in your learning.

From a financial perspective, Nutrition Coaches earn between £19,000 and £44,000.

How do you choose the right nutrition course?

Nutrition is vital for everyone so ensuring that the training you get will allow you to support your future clients and career prospects is vital. Here are 4 important things to look for when choosing nutrition courses.

Nutrition Courses

Nutrition refers to the consumption of a nutritious and well-balanced, healthy diet. You get the energy and nutrition you need from food and drink.

Those who choose to study nutrition learn the principles of food science and of how food interacts with the body’s demands, allowing them to provide helpful counsel and guidance to their clients in the food industry.

What is an AfN certified course?

AfN Course Certification is a quality mark awarded to courses that meet the competence requirements for their specified sector and level. 

This quality assurance mark enables students, employers and the public to identify reputable, evidence-based courses in nutrition and food sciences. 

We are proud that our Level 3 Nutrition & Level 4 Nutrition course are certified by the AfN. These nutrition courses are certified at Level 4 of the Health and Social Care Competency Framework*.

Who are the Association for Nutrition?

The Association for Nutrition (AfN) protects and benefits the public by defining and advancing standards of evidence-based practice across the field of nutrition and at all levels within the workforce. 

Frequently Asked Questions