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How To Become a Life Coach

In this bundle, you'll find out everything you need to become a Life Coach.

After reading it, you'll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to start your own journey and build a new career as an Life Coach.


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Step 1

Research the role

Carrying out thorough research within the wellness industry, especially in the role of a Life Coach is a valuable first step in the process of becoming a Life Coach.

Currently, Life Coaching can be considered an unregulated field of work, whereby individuals can offer life coaching services without any regulated qualifications. However, often Life Coaches would have undertaken some sort of study or course, such as a Level 3 Life Coach or Level 5 Life Coach course to help build knowledge in the field.

Therefore extensive research into the role will be key in understanding what route you are wanting to take, the training provider you could study with and what you are wanting to gain from this.

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Step 2

Check you're a good fit

While there is no such thing as an ideal Life Coach, in our experience, the most successful Life Coaches tend to have the following 3 characteristics:

Fearless –  A key characteristic of a fearless Life Coach is one who is passionate about building their business, continuously developing their skills and looking for new ways to help their clients reach their potential.

Impactful –  The reality is that life as a life coach requires effort and commitment to build up a client base and deliver a fantastic service to every client. You will be constantly going the extra mile, doing more than just the necessities, and making a real impact day after day.

Trusted – Ever heard the saying “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This comes from building an authentic connection with all your clients, understanding what they’re hoping to achieve with their sessions, and having the confidence that you have the skills to help them get there.

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Step 3

Choose the right course

There are no prerequisites for entering a Level 3 Life Coach course outside of being over 18 years old.

There may be no specific qualification required to become a life coach but Future Fit Life Coach courses are tailor-made to give you the knowledge you need to succeed. With the Level 3 Life Coach course under your belt, you’ll have learned techniques for personal growth and development both for yourself and your clients, giving you the confidence to throw yourself into your new career and make an impact from day one.

Our Life Coaching courses give you a qualification registered on Ofqual’s Register of Regulated Qualifications. There are a lot of Life Coaching CPD courses out there that will give you information and skills on the topic, however with Future Fit Training, you’ll receive a qualification recognised at Level 3 or Level 5. This will allow you to work as a qualified professional as opposed to an unqualified Life Coach who has completed only a CPD course.

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Step 4

Complete your qualification

Over Level 3 Life Coach Course is the first step on your journey. All our Life Coaching courses have been designed for those who want to become Life Coaches by providing high-quality training above industry standards.

  • Level 3 Life Coach Course – Ideal for those looking to enter the field of life coaching, providing you with the underpinning knowledge in the principles of coaching and mentoring.
  • Level 5 Life Coach Course – Ideal for those who are looking to build a new psychological repertoire of coaching and guidance skills aimed to empower and support clients mentally as they go through specific challenges in their life.​
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Step 5

Get Life Coach Insurance

Once you are qualified as a Life Coach, working as somebody self-employed insurance is essential to help provide security for you and your clients. Due to insurance claims against life coaches being rare, premiums tend to be relatively low, and annual cover can be had for less than £100.

When looking for the right Life Coach cover, you should look to include the below: 

  • Professional Indemnity – You’ll be protected If a client claims that you caused harm to them due to negligence
  • Public Liability – You’ll be protected if you or a client accidentally damages equipment, or property or has an injury (such as a trip or fall) during a session.
  • Loss of Earnings Cover – If you’re self-employed you don’t earn if you don’t work. This means that being injured for weeks or months can hit your pocket hard. Loss of earnings cover means you’ll receive money regardless, even if you can’t work.
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