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Strength & Conditioning Courses

Strength & Conditioning Courses

As a Strength & Conditioning Trainer, you will be able to work within a wide variety of roles from amateur to professional sport and athletics, health and fitness as well as roles within youth development and community health. Strength & Conditioning Trainer also complements other roles assisting PTs, Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, PE Teachers and many others to enhance and develop their practical skills and knowledge.

An S&C Trainer in this position could be referred to as ‘Assistant S&C Trainer’.

Confidently offer your clients the best training programs through your increased knowledge and skill which can open the pathway into many areas of the sport, health and fitness world.

This is a UKSCA recognised qualification so you will be able to be confident that the training will be recognised and sought after by employers, and seen as the required standard within the industry.

how to become a Strength and conditioning coach - future fit

Strength and Conditioning Course

Specialise your health and fitness career with a suite of training designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve and enhance the health, performance, and lives of others.

Strength and Conditioning Courses Topics

Are you looking to become a Strength and Conditioning Trainer?

Our S&C Course will upskill you in these essential areas:

  • Strength & Conditioning Foundations
  • Strength & Conditioning Techniques
  • Strength & Conditioning Programming and Coaching
  • Behaviour Change for Strength & Conditioning Trainers

You will also be able to utilize the skills developed throughout our Strength & Conditioning qualification to enhance your ability to perform in  roles, such as Personal Trainer, PE Teacher, military PTI, Physio, Osteo, or any other related occupation.

Why study a Future Fit Course?

Recognised by the UKSCA
Online & Practical Learning
London, Birmingham, Manchester and Portsmouth
Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Trainer Qualification

I chose to train with Future Fit because I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about the fitness industry. Future fit is like a family full of people from all walks of life and learning with them helps you take something from everyone.

Future Fit Ambassador - Lucy Spraggan

Boost your knowledge with our selected choice of guides and articles

Below is a curated list of Strength and Conditioning career guides and tips to learn more about the various work choices available to you, as well as the mistakes to avoid and the skills you’ll need.

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