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Want to expand your knowledge and take yourself from fitness enthusiast to fitness pro? Check out our resources below.

Our resources page holds a wealth of knowledge about the fitness, nutrition and well-being industry. Discover a range of insightful guides, reports and papers to ensure you are never short of reading material. Could you be opening the door to new areas of training and expertise?

What is a life coach’s salary in the UK? How much a Life Coach can earn depends on their level of qualifications, experience and area of expertise. The national…
Sports Massage Therapist Salary How much a Sports Massage Therapist earns depends on their qualifications and experience. On average Sports Massage Therapists can earn…
Pilates Teacher Salary

It's a step between attending a group class and receiving an individual personal training session. Depending on the location by running small group sessions, a pilates instructor's hourly rate is at least £30 per hour, which the participants can split between themselves.

How to choose the right nutrition course

A recognised qualification will be accredited by an independent awarding body such as YMCA or VTCT and will be listed on the register of regulated qualifications held by Ofqual.

Course Comparison Checklist

Compare Future Fit Training with other course providers in the UK with over 130 comparison points.

Personal Training Career Guide

In this page you'll learn what options you have when starting a personal training and fitness career.

As more and more people seek to reap the amazing benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, personal trainers and fitness instructors are in ever-growing demand.