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Sports Massage Therapist Salary

How much do Sports Massage Therapist earn?

How much a Sports Massage Therapist can earn depends on their level of qualifications or experience within the sports massage industry. On average sports massage, therapists can expect to earn between £18,000-£41,000 according to payscale. 

That being said sports massage therapist salary can vary depending employer to employer, location, experience and field you are working in. There is also an opportunity to take on a self-employed or freelance business as a sports massage therapist, which again will see fluctuations in salary income.

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Experience and qualifications matter for Sports Massage Therapist Salary

Both experienced and qualifications are contributing factors to what you can earn as a Sports Massage Therapist, whether you are employed or self-employed. Within sports massage there are two variations on experience and level of qualification which indicates the job role, there are both sports massage and sports therapy roles which also vary in salary. 

Working in sports therapy you are often trained to degree level, this job type involves more of a focus on injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation strategies within the sport. Working in sports massage therapy will often include alternative strategy treatments like heat therapy or cryotherapy. 

On the other hand, sports massage is mostly about using sports massage techniques to manipulate soft tissues. Working in sports massage often involves working in sporting teams or at events to help maintain muscle health and prevent injuries.

Level 3 Sports Massage Course 

The Level 3 Sports Massage Course is an entry-level requirement that is ideal for people looking to become a Sports Massage Therapist or for existing health professionals to expand their services. With this course, you will gain the Qualification needed to gain employment or become a self-employed Sports Massage Therapist.

Build your skillset

A Level 3 Sports Massage Course is a great stepping stone into the industry, however, you could build off this by becoming a qualified Personal Trainer and following this career path. Having this qualification alongside personal training will allow you to offer bespoke services to personal training clients, which could increase your earning potential. The entry-level requirement to become a personal trainer is a Level 3 Diploma

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Location can boost or lower your salary

Your salary as a sports massage therapist can vary depending on your service area. According to payscale, the average sports massage therapist salary in London is £35,000 whereas in Nottingham the average salary is £29,479. Often earning potentials are higher in areas such as London due to the cost of living being higher, however, there is an opportunity to commute into the city to still benefit from the higher income 

Newly employed sports massage therapist 

As a newly employed Sports Massage Therapist working full time anywhere between 20 hours – 30 hours, you can expect to earn between £18,000-£21,000 per year. Starting your sports massage therapist career by working for a sports club, in a gym or in health clubs will create more security in your earnings. This will provide you with an opportunity to use these platforms to build your client base, from here you may then decide to go self-employed or start freelancing.

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Personal branding

Personal branding can play a big role in becoming a highly valued Sports Massage Therapist with the ability to earn more. Demonstrating your level of skills and knowledge as your own personal brand is likely to benefit your client base. Using social media, reviews and personable experiences to build a brand around your sports massage treatments and sports injury experience will create brand recognition allowing you to charge more.

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Digital marketing & sales

Being found online is a must for a sports massage therapist as the web can bring extra clients and followers. Tailoring your services to an online audience is vital for the success of your career and brand recognition. 

There are lots of potential clients looking for a sports massage therapist on Google and social media every day, having a website allows trainers to present their work, portfolio and experiences to the wider public. On Google, every month there are 2,900 searches for sports massage therapists in the UK.