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Can Sports Massage Reduce Swelling? It’s a common misconception that only professional athletes and generally active people need sports massages but that isn’t true, as even people with sedentary lifestyles need them. So, even if you sit at your desk all day or don’t exercise at all, you can still benefit from getting a sports massage, as it helps to […]
How to Use Sports Massage for Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow, clinically known as lateral epicondylitis, is a very common injury that most professional athletes and active people have, as it affects those who repeatedly place stress on their wrist extensors and flexors. This condition is not limited to just tennis players even though the name was generally linked to high impact movements like […]
How to do Sports Massage on legs
What is a massage ball? A complete guide As an athlete, fitness buff, or generally active person, sports massages are important for your recovery process, as they ensure your body stays in an optimal condition at all times. But not everyone can afford to get a massage after every training or exercise session, which is why massage balls are so handy to have. […]
13 Best Apps For Personal Trainers Yes, there’s really nothing quite like having a personal trainer coaching you throughout the different aspects of your fitness journey, but not many people can afford the luxury of having one on one training with a personal trainer. Besides, with the pandemic lurking, working out has become twice as hard, as not many people like […]
Sports massage vs Swedish massage vs Deep Tissue What is a Sports Massage? A sports massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue which will benefit individuals who take part in regular physical activity. Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes by preventing and relieving injuries, however, it is now used for athletes, such as tennis players, or none athletes as a method […]
Essential Equipment For Pilates Instructors Top Pilates Equipment Pilates is a low-intensity, full-body workout that helps you build core strength, increase your flexibility, and tone, and it can be done with little to no equipment. However, to keep your workout dynamic, intense, and stimulating at home or in a studio, you need proper equipment, and there are a lot of […]
Sports Massage Equipment for Therapists Sports massages, which involve manipulating the soft tissue to help in exercise recovery and injury prevention, are very much in demand within the sports and fitness industry. Everywhere from sports clubs to spas, sports centers, and gyms are in need of sports massage therapists as they are beneficial to improving flexibility, reducing soreness, and enhancing […]
Personal Training Business Plan: Example & Template What is a personal training business plan? A personal training business plan is useful for any personal trainers wanting to go solo and set up their own personal training business. Putting together a personal training business plan will ensure you cover all the key events and information you need to successfully launch your personal training […]
What is Sports Massage? A beginners guide It is important that you don’t overlook your sports recovery process, especially if you are active or play any type of sport. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete doesn’t matter as exercising of any kind makes your muscles sore and tender, and you need to give your body the opportunity to repair […]
Questions a personal trainer should ask their clients Check-in Question to ask existing personal training clients: 1. Why are you training today? One of the main things to understand about your client is what is motivating them to train, this can be a question you ask each session or once a month to stay on top of your client’s needs. Checking in regularly […]
Government-funded pt courses: what do you need to know What is a government-funded personal training course? A government-funded personal training course is a PT course that is supported by funding from the government for those who are looking to become a personal trainer. Government funding can work in different ways, it involves the government funding some of the course cost or in some cases […]

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