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The fitness industry is constantly evolving. It’s why we’ve focused on providing you with the resources, tools and content aimed at inspiring change across the health and fitness industry.

Snatch grip deadlift: Everything you need to know What is a snatch grip deadlift compared to other deadlift variations? For a traditional deadlift, the starting position will see you set up with your hands on the bar directly beneath your shoulders, yet for the snatch grip deadlift, your arms will be further apart allowing for a wider grip. Of all the possible deadlift […]
How to Become a Fitness Influencer In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about becoming a fitness influencer. So if you want to grow your following and become influential, keep reading. We have also interviewed many fitness influencers to find out more. What is a Fitness Influencer? A fitness influencer is a fitness enthusiast known and trusted by […]
Impacts and Importance of Education as an Investment For many, education can be seen as a way to gain vital skills for career progression, heightened earnings, or new opportunities. Committing to years of education is not necessarily the key, but investing in the right education can be the difference to future paths. This could be true for all levels, from the students investing […]
Understanding social prescribing: Everything you need to know What is social prescribing? It is well established that 80%–90% of health outcomes are linked to social determinants of health, including health-related behaviours and socioeconomic and environmental factors [1]. Non-medical interventions have increasingly been proposed to help patients improve health behaviours and manage their conditions [2]. One type of intervention is known as social prescribing […]
Ask the Experts: Regulated Personal Trainer Qualifications Future Fit Training has worked with VTCT to educate you on what you need to know about regulated Personal Trainer Qualifications. Are you interested in a career in personal training but not sure where to start? Find out how you can start your personal trainer journey and ensure you’re on the road to success by learning […]
What is life coaching? 1. What is life coaching? Life coaching is a session led by a trained professional who aims to provide help and guidance for clients to help reach or exceed personal or professional goals. They will provide a supportive and informative environment to help with clients ’journeys in discovering their strengths and weaknesses and identifying how […]
What is Pilates? A complete guide Despite being popularized by celebrities and labeled as a fad by some, Pilates is a full-body workout with numerous health benefits. Whether you are an athlete, have a sedentary lifestyle, or are a complete beginner to exercise, this workout will meet your needs. Plus, it is very versatile, and you can do it in a […]
Best 3 Total Body Exercises with Dumbbells If you’re looking for resistance exercises which will work your whole body, look no further. Guest author Human Kinetics have pulled together 3 of their favourites, complete with technique tips, adapted from Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training, 4th Edition. 1. The One-Arm Dumbbell Snatch Starting Position Straddle a dumbbell on the floor and place […]
Importance of a UKSCA S&C Course for Personal Trainers

Not only do they govern S&C within the UK, but they are globally recognised as world leaders within the field. A UKSCA endorsed qualification is the gold standard within S&C.

UK Active Awards 2022 – Finalist Stage Here at Future Fit we have some great news to share; we can officially announce that we have made it through to the finalist stage in three award categories of the ukactive awards 2022! Supplier of the Year Digital Transformation Award Education Provider of the Year ukactive aims to help improve the nation’s health by […]
Fitness Mirror On The Wall, Are They Fit For All? We worked with Ross our specialist PT tutor, to gain his valuable insights on the new fitness mirrors which have entered the market. Discover a Personal Trainer’s professional view on this. Did you know that the classic quote from Snow White in “Mirror, Mirror on the wall.” isn’t correct. That’s a collective false memory which […]
Mental Health Week 2022 – How to Combat the Epidemic of Loneliness Isolation and feeling apart from our support network have been all too common in the past few years. In fact, as many as 45% of adults in England alone admit to feeling lonely occasionally, sometimes, or often. That’s twenty-five million people! Loneliness can leave people feeling isolated, unmotivated, anxious, and may struggle to reform these […]

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