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Hundreds of blog posts to educate you in Personal Training, Nutrition and Pilates.

The fitness industry is constantly evolving. It’s why we’ve focused on providing you with the resources, tools and content aimed at inspiring change across the health and fitness industry.

Top 20 Life Coaching Quotes Sometimes, finding the right words can be difficult, and that’s where quotes to inspire can be really valuable. Far from being just social media-worthy; their wisdom can provide inspiration, reassurance or strength. Today we’re going to look at our favourite quotes associated with Life Coaching and what they mean. Firstly, we’ll list motivational quotes that […]
What is Employability? The labour market has become more competitive than ever. Employers now require more than an education and expertise in the subject matter, as they want well-rounded individuals who have a specific set of skills needed to adapt and be valuable to the organisation. These skills are sometimes referred to as employability skills, and they are […]
10 Core Principles of Pilates
Widen your Perspective with insights from XBody UK The needs and desires of society are always changing, and staying on top of social trends and influences is key to running a successful health and fitness business. Staying dynamic, innovative and informed is something they do best at XBody UK as they fuel EMS studios up and down the country with insights. So, take […]
Woman in Life Coaching Almost everyone has faced a moment in their lives when they’ve felt virtually paralysed by indecision. Knowing that the wrong choice would have consequences, leaves you unable to make any choice at all. In such a situation, people seek a trusted friend or family member but sometimes all you really need is a little guidance […]
How to find a life coach for men The phrase ‘seeking professional help can come with some very real stigma attached, but why, in so many aspects of our lives are we reluctant to get the help of a trained expert? If you feel like you’re failing to reach your potential, or you just need a little bit of a fine-tune to help […]
How to train like an athlete 1. Warm-up  A key point in training like an athlete is best preparing your body for exercise in the given field, for athletes to perform their best they need to warm up properly. The most effective way to warm up is to start with a range of static and dynamic stretches. After this you can […]
5 Reasons You Should Invest in Your Professional Education The modern world is evolving at a great speed with technology taking the centre point in every arena. The need for digital skillsets in workplaces has grown more than ever, yet, the knowledge bank must also be updated from time to time. In this case, professional education offers a chance to upgrade knowledge, skills, and […]
How Much Does a Life Coach Cost? How much can a session cost? How much a life coach costs can vary on the type of life coach services they offer and the length of your requirements, it also takes into account where your sessions are held. For example, sessions held online can be more cost effective for the life coach which may […]
What is a CPD and why it’s important? What is a CPD? CPD stands for continuous professional development courses, they should be viewed as an ongoing learning method used to enhance and grow your knowledge within a particular area. This type of learning is used to help you progress and grow within specialised areas by providing more specific learning in focus areas. Do […]
Deficit deadlift, why your clients need to be doing it Admit it. You thought the most important deficit in your life was the gap between how much you earn and how much you want to spend. But what if I told you there was a seldom-spotted exercise called the deficit deadlift? You are more likely to have recently spotted Elvis buying pic n’mix in your […]
Eating to reduce your carbon footprint 1. Plant foods over animal food Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change because animal-based foods tend to have a higher carbon footprint than plant-based. For example, producing a kilogram of beef emits 60 kilograms of greenhouse gases while the same weight of peas emits just 1 kilogram1. This doesn’t mean we […]

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