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10+ Exciting Life Coaching Events in the UK

Are you a life coach looking for events in the UK that will enable you to network with other coaches, or are you on the lookout for coaching events that will help you improve yourself as an individual? 

Look no further as we have compiled a list of life coaching events all across the UK. 

Life coaching is a self-development process that enables individuals to become the best versions of themselves. Attending a life coaching event is an excellent way to get a feel for it without any commitment, before deciding to start a career as a life coach.

We have also listed 20+ exciting fitness events to attend in 2024, for those interested in health & fitness. 

Now it’s time to get right to the events.

1.Coaching Collective Summer Event 2024

Date: 4th June 2024

Venue: Shrigley Hall, Cheshire

Price: £150

About this event:

The Coaching Collective’s Summer Event is a gathering of seasoned coaches and coaching-curious individuals to unite for a day. The Collective features insightful sessions with focus, clarity, purpose, and perspective. It is a coaching event for life coaches and tailored to consultants, too.

There is no requirement for formal education, but having some experience in coaching will be an added advantage. Enjoy the scenic backgrounds of Cheshire and relish delicious foods as you gain wisdom nuggets from Julia Wolfendale and connect with other like-minded individuals.

2.To Be You 2024! The Ultimate Birmingham Experience

Date: 25th & 26th May 2024

Venue: Birmingham, UK

Price: £50 – £500.04

About this event:

The Ultimate Experience Birmingham is a two-day transformative event scheduled for May 2024 in Birmingham, England. This year’s theme, “To be you”, is one designed to take you on a self-discovery journey. This theme will be brought to life by renowned speakers and coaches such as Ankush Jain, Gary Mahler, and Karan Rai.

Interactive sessions will focus on thoughts, forgiveness, and powerful statements for deep identity transformation. Beyond personal development, the event supports the cochlear implant program at Birmingham Children’s Hospital through significant charitable donations.

3.Relational Coaching Conference

Date: 21st June 2024

Venue: Ashridge House, Berkhamsted, Herts

Price: From £115.20

Theme: Radical Hospitality: Building Trust

About this event:

The 8th Relational Coaching Conference shifts focus to building trust in executive coaching within today’s fractured world. The theme of the year builds on those of previous conferences—love in Coaching Relationships (2021) and Identity (2022).

The conference aims to deepen the understanding of trust’s role in coaching themes like self-confidence, credibility, and assertiveness. It explores critical coaching themes with experts who examine how trust applies in the coaching room. There will also be keynotes on trust in our life experiences and critical coaching themes for expert coaches.

4.Life Coach Class: Your Dream For 2024

Date: 22nd & 29th January 2024

Venue: Wimbledon Library

Price: Free

About this event:

This life coaching class led by Max Comuzzi is a life-changing opportunity to build a personalised roadmap for success in 2024. It consists of four engaging sessions where you can discover and appreciate your core values and commit to your objectives for the year.

With Max’s 30 years of building an intentional culture of openness, expect a creative and reflective coaching style. Plus, specific actions are assigned between sessions of the class to promote sustained growth and confidence in every attendee.

5.Master Your Life

Date: 27th January 2024

Venue: Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Price: £199

About this event:

Master Your Life is a guide to obliterating internal barriers and limiting beliefs about yourself. It equips you with the confidence and skills to act like a bulldozer, taking out obstacles keeping you from your life’s purpose.

This coaching class gives you clarity on your goals and how to channel your entire being towards making the shift to achieve them. You can make 2024 worth it and break free with the proven strategies you’ll learn in this session.

6. Confidence Coaching

Date: 24th February 2024

Venue: Online

Price: £247

About this event:

Even life coaches need some coaching to get through challenges, and that is what this event is all about. The Confidence Coaching is a one-day training workshop for coaches tackling personal and professional confidence issues. It is a hands-on session that provides simple tools, insights on confidence coaching, and strategies to implement for immediate results.

At this coaching session, you can explore nuances between confidence and self-esteem, learn effective interventions, and discover practical methods within the GROW framework and WOL technique. By the end of the day, you’ll have a toolkit of exercises for coaching sessions and assignments.

7. Unlocking EQ

Date: 22nd & 29th January 2024

Venue: Online

Price: AED 725

About this event:

Six Seconds’ online course, Unlocking EQ (UEQ), uses a unique methodology to explore the power of emotional intelligence. It is ideal for those seeking to integrate EQ into their work and lives.

It delves into the latest research on emotions and performance and helps you define your goals for EQ development. With this course, you get to master a key skill identified by the World Economic Forum. If you are considering this for a career, it is the first step towards a Core EQ certification.

8. Life Coach Training + Hypnotherapy + NLP Training Weekend Master Class

Date: 3rd & 4th February 2024

Venue: Birkbeck University in London

Price: Free

About this event:

The Birkbeck University in London is hosting a free weekend of training on life coaching and hypnotherapy. It is not your regular free event with hidden charges or an upselling agenda. It is an authentic experience where you can discover the secrets of life coaching and hypnotherapy.

In addition to the learning experience, you get a manual and a certificate at the end of the weekend. This event offers the techniques and skills of hypnotherapy and promises to deliver it with utmost motivation, fun, and entertainment all at once.

9. Mind Body Spirit Festival London 2024

Date: 24th – 27th May 2024

Venue: Olympia, London

Price: £27.50

About this event:

The Mind Body Spirit Festival is a 4-days life-changing experience with serenity. You get to explore over 200 well-being vendors, attend free daily talks, enjoy diverse classes, and discover serene meditation sessions.

Connect with like-minded souls and celebrate holistic living in this bustling festival that caters to shamans, yogis, vegans, spiritual seekers, and the curious.

10. Paul McKenna Success for Life – Frome

Date: 7th March 2024

Venue: Cheese & Grain, Justice Lane, Frome, United Kingdom

Price: £52

About this event:

Paul McKenna prepared a dynamic live coaching event where you can unlock your true potential, boost confidence and resilience, and find more happiness. Success for Life is the first of its kind, where you learn strategies developed from several decades of working with high achievers.

This event shares the latest psychological techniques and practices to move beyond limitations and foster positive changes in thinking and behaviour. At the end of this event, you will find ways to transform from within and lead a happier and more successful life.


11. Dr Sara O LIVE: Life Coaching Session

Date: 20th January 2024

Venue: Clarendon Hotel Montpelier Row, London

About this event:

This event is a live transformational life coaching session with Dr Sara O at the Clarendon Hotel Montpelier Row, London. It is a three-hour event to gain expert advice and unlock the potential to live life at your best. It is an in-person event where you get to meet the renowned Dr Sara O, who will inspire and motivate you by providing valuable insights and practical tips for personal and professional growth.

12. Get What You Want 2024 – An 8-Week Coaching Programme

Date: Starting 31st January 2021

Venue: Online

Price: £250

About this event:

This event isn’t your regular weekend one; it is an eight-week intensive online coaching program to help you achieve your life goals. It is designed for a group of 10-15 individuals and led by an experienced life coach. The agenda of the entire program focuses on clarity, joy, and overcoming unconscious barriers.

Participants will explore powerful and practical tools to enhance intuition for better decision-making. It is not the first edition, so there is a track record of proven methods that provide success.

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