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Future Fit Traning
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Practical Workshops

No training for a health and fitness professional would be complete without an element of face-to-face practical experience.

Our practical workshops include:

Personal training course tutor teaching students on practical learning

Expert coaching and training

All of our tutors hold active roles as instructors, trainers and teachers in the fitness industry.

Gym Instructor course tutor talking student through a process

Clear goals and objectives

We will give you clear goals for the workshop so you can meet and exceed them.

Personal training course students practical learning

Hands-on practical learning

You’ll be in the gym or studio, getting to grips with exercise technique, coaching skills, fitness test protocols and more.

Personal training client on a treadmill

Access to key resources

Prior to your practical workshop you will be able to download resources to refer to on the day.

Why are practical training courses so important?

You learn from the expertsWhile online training courses are fantastic, there are things you need to DO under the guidance of an experienced tutor to learn effectively.
You're working with real peopleWe work in a people industry, so it’s essential you spend time in a real, live environment as part of your learning journey.
Put your skills to the testPractical training will push you to understand and overcome the challenges faced by real people, truly testing your skills for a career in fitness.
Hit the ground runningYou'll qualify with a wealth of practical experience, so you can go into the gym or studio and hit the ground running when you embark on your career.

How will your practical skills be assessed?

On some of our courses, there are practical assessments, completed either on the day of the workshop or a few weeks later. These practical assessments are key parts of not only passing your qualification but also in developing a greater understanding of your skills, strengths and weaknesses. During your assessments, the assessor will be looking for sound technique and demonstration of your coaching skills.

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