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Future Fit Traning
learning & assessment of life coaching

Level 5 Life Coaching Course

Build a new psychological repertoire of coaching and guidance skills aimed to empower and support clients mentally as they go through specific challenges in their life.​

Core Coaching Models Extensive range of techniques
Highest Level of Qualification Level 5 Accreditation
Qualify in 3 Months Based on 12 hours study per week. 
Certified and Industry Recognised Certified by TQUK & RSPH
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Course Overview

Including our Level 3 Life Coaching Course, this Level 5 accredited course will take you on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and development. You will learn skills and techniques to apply to coaching and mentoring sessions and gain the tools required to effectively plan and deliver coaching sessions. You will learn the fundamentals of becoming a life coach as a sole trader, or for teams within organisations.

Differentiate yourself from a Lifestyle Coach or an unaccredited Life Coach, by going beyond improving wellness. Our Life Coaching courses are certified externally by Training Qualifications UK and are recognised by Ofqual, meaning they are highly recognised and approved in the industry.

Additional courses to complement your life coaching training include Understanding Mental Wellbeing, accredited by The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

Learn more about this course

As a Life Coach, you will need a range of methods and techniques in your toolbox to support the development of clients, and this course will introduce you to a range of models and methodologies for you to explore. The course will look at the application of coaching and development of skills, and so you will have plenty of opportunities to develop your skills as a Life Coach throughout virtual workshops.

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What you’ll learn

This course includes all content from our Level 3 Life Coaching Course as well as advanced modules in coaching techniques and processes.

The Fundamentals of coaching and mentoring
Introduction to coaching, purpose, roles and responsibilities, Key differences between a coach and a mentor, Skills, qualities & attributes of a coach and mentor, Building relationships, rapport and environment with clients & Essential procedures (E.g. confidentiality, data protection, code of conduct and boundaries)
The art of effective language and communication
Methods of building rapport, consciously and unconsciously, mirroring, body language, trust, personality and behaviour traits, Effective language, representational system, VAKS, predicates, unconscious clues, eye accessing clues, understanding the power of language in coaching, positive mood and environment, working with resistant clients, language patterns, meta model (NLP) & Questioning skills for client centred solutions
The coaching process
Coaching models, build on level 3: How to apply, questions to use, explore more models: GROW, OSKAR, APPROACH, ACHIEVE, analysing each type of mentoring programmes and strategies, leadership models for team/organisational coaching: Johari's window, KASH, Wheel of life etc. Consultation process and agreement, client autonomy, responsibility and commitment, Establishing goals and well-formed outcomes, working with clients, behaviour change, client centred sessions, identifying barriers, and strategies to overcome challenges. Structuring the coaching sessions, selecting appropriate techniques depending on desired outcomes & Monitor, evaluate and review the coaching session, gathering feedback.
Coaching tools and techniques
Introduction to NLP – history of NLP, NLP in coaching and how to use it, selection of most appropriate techniques to explore: egg modelling, sub modalities, anchoring, circle of excellence. Introduction to hypnotherapy – as NLP look at the theory behind hypnotherapy and select general techniques such as confidence, stress, content free, visualisation, metaphors, future pacing. Reprogramming formed habits, neuroplasticity, reframing. EFT, mindfulness techniques, dealing with negative emotion, limiting beliefs, procrastination, imposter syndrome. >Affirmations, law of attraction & mindset. Psychometric tests.
Application of coaching
Example for one-to-one coaching (freelance coach). Example for group coaching (freelance coach). Example for group coaching (team/organisation). Example for one-to-one mentoring (organisation).

Why Future Fit?

This Life Coaching course gives you a qualification registered on Ofqual’s Register of Regulated Qualifications. There are a lot of Life Coaching CPD courses out there that will give you information and skills on the topic, however with Future Fit Training, you’ll receive a qualification recognised at Level 5. This will allow you to work as a qualified professional as opposed to an unqualified Life Coach who has completed only a CPD course.

The knowledge gained from our life coaching qualifications will enable you to help clients uncover their path to well-being and healthy habits in all areas of life. Beyond behaviour change coaching, this will help learners understand the roots. Unlike other Life Coaching courses, our level 3 & Level 5 courses are industry recognised and accredited.

Fees & Funding Options

When it comes to funding your course there are multiple options available. We believe that world-class training should be accessible to everyone no matter their financial circumstances.

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Understanding the Buying Process

Are you considering investing in your fitness career and enrolling in a course with Future Fit Training but unsure about the process? Follow our step-by-step guide on buying your very own course.

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    Your Career Advisor will be able to build a package that encompasses all the skills you need to reach your career or personal goals. They will listen to your needs and create a bespoke training plan based on them. They will also discuss payment options and work with you to come up with a solution that works for you.

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Specialist Life Coaching Careers

Qualifying as a professional life coach is not all about telling people what to do, or creating a restrictive life plan. The role of a life coach is to use questions and discussions with clients to help them answer their method of achieving the given goals or aims. They will set out a motivational and empowered environment which can be effectively implemented into the client’s thinking, allowing them to look at the broader understanding of their overcoming challenges.​

The overall goal of a life coach is to improve the mindset of their client to reach a particular aim or overcome specific challenges.​

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Specialist Life Coach

As a qualified Life Coach you will be able to;

  • Set up a business working as a Life Coach to provide a supportive environment to help clients to discover their strengths and weaknesses and identifying how they can use this to excel in areas of life.
  • Work within an organisation coaching and mentoring teams with guidance and support to achieve happiness, exceed in their workplace, manage mental health and wellbeing and achieve their life ambitions.
  • Use psychological processes to help clients achieve their aims confidently​.

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