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Covid-19 Rehabilitation Course

Learn how to support clients who have suffered from COVID-19 and build your awareness of the condition, including the best strategies to aid recovery.

CPD Points3 CIMPSA Points
In Partnership With GM Active
Increased Earning PotentialEarn more through new expertise
Continued LearningStay on top of industry changes
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Course Overview

In the coming months and years, the role of the fitness professional will exceed just facilitating fitness. With NHS services becoming increasingly stretched, your skills and services are needed now more than ever, and this course, worth 3 CIMSPA CPD points, will give you vital skills to support clients who have had COVID-19. 

As we look to the future, preparing to work with and train individuals who have had COVID-19, it is vitally important to prepare our sector and the health and fitness staff within it.

COVID-19 affects people in different ways, and it can sometimes take weeks, and even months, to fully recover from it’s debilitating impact. This course will equip you to safely help people who have had the disease engage in physical activity and exercise, to aid them in their recovery. 

What You'll Learn

The course covers 5 units, which focus on awareness of the condition, increasing understanding and practical application when working with patients. We also have a recently updated long-COVID unit based on the latest evidence for those suffering recurrent and long-lasting symptoms. As well as a new Breath Biomechanics bonus module that we developed in partnership with Biomechanics Education.

The first unit introduces COVID-19 and covers its nature, impact, prevalence and treatment.
The second unit focuses on rehabilitation, including; communication, recognising when it is safe to exercise, monitoring breathlessness, behaviour change, exercise guidance and coping strategies.
The third unit will equip you with the ability to apply your knowledge. It covers health screening, exercise testing and prescription, fatigue management, and the services available to provide additional support if needed.
Long COVID-19 - Updated
This part will give learners an understanding of long-COVID and the current evidence concerning the longer-lasting effects of the disease. It covers the underpinning knowledge of: The definitions of long-COVID, How long-COVID can impact the body, The prevalence of long-COVID, The similarities between long-COVID and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(ME/CFS), Exercise considerations for long-COVID, Post-exertional syndrome exacerbation and post-exertional malaise, Energy management
Breath Biomechanics - New Module
Since COVID-19 specifically affects our respiratory system, it’s useful to be familiar with the anatomy and biomechanics of breathing to help you support people who’ve had the disease. One of the side effects of COVID-19 is a stiffening of lung tissue, resulting in a thickening, or even scarring, that reduces our capacity to pull in air and leads to a reduced supply of oxygen. This can then result in breathlessness and de-conditioning due to inactivity. In turn, this can lead to an increase in anxiety levels for some people, which could bring about hyperventilation (a symptom of a panic attack). Even for those who have not suffered from significant effects of COVID-19 itself, we need to consider that many people have simply been restricted into moving less and therefore exerting themselves less during lockdown. This means that a better understanding of breath biomechanics could help a huge number of our clients and participants, through two main aims: Improving breath strength & Increasing oxygen uptake capacity. This module will provide that understanding.
GM Active
GM Active is a collective of 12 leisure and community organisations from across Greater Manchester that are all part of the same movement, to get more people physically active. The group accounts for 87 leisure and sports facilities across the region, with a combined reach of 30 million visits a year, playing a major role in the health of our communities.

Why should you study this course?

Expand Your UnderstandingBuild your understanding of the illness and how to provide support and guidance to clients
Improve Marketing OpportunitiesWith the knowledge gained, you'll have the confidence to market yourself to clients who have had COVID-19
Increase Customer ConfidenceGet your existing customers back to training confidently knowing you have undertaken additional COVID-19 training
Gain Vital SkillsThis course will give you vital skills to treat and support the whole person through Health, Wellness and Fitness

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