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How To Become a Nutrition Coach

Whether for your own personal health, or you are interested in helping others achieve a balanced lifestyle, nutrition is a fascinating field. 

At Future Fit, we offer a choice of three, industry recognised nutrition qualifications, together with a range of short individual courses designed to help grow your knowledge and share your passion. 

Nutrition coach prepped a salad

How do you become a Nutrition Coach?

To become a nutrition coach, you should complete a recognised nutrition qualification. This can be at levels 3, 4 or 5, depending on the depth of nutrition knowledge you desire. Our nutrition courses are written by industry experts and will provide all the knowledge and skills you need to start working as a nutrition coach. Throughout this guide, you’ll learn how you can become a Nutrition Coach or Advisor through our online Nutrition Courses.

An alternative route would be to study a combined course Elite Personal Training with RSPH Nutrition if you are looking to become a fitness professional and nutrition coach.

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Step 2

Get Insured

Once you are qualified as a Nutrition coach, in order for you to practice safely and cover your own business, you will need to obtain professional liability insurance. Without insurance, you would be liable for any costs involved in client incidents.

Future Fit nutrition graduates are able to get insurance through Balens, who are specialist insurance brokers for health and wellbeing professionals. 

Nutrition coach studying nutrition course online

Step 3

Decide How You’ll Operate

Before you start your career in Nutrition you will need to decide how you wish to operate. Decide if you will be offering one-on-one sessions, group sessions or be an online coach.

The career paths you choose will determine the best venue for you, whether it will be a spare room in your house for smaller sessions or hiring of a room in a community centre or church for larger group sessions.

Nutrition coach studying at home online

Step 4

Promote Yourself or Your Business

Marketing yourself includes both online and offline marketing. In today’s world having an online presence is key, this includes creating an engaging and informative website and setting up a key social media presence on platforms where your target audience will be found (Facebook and Instagram).

In addition, it is good to have a resource that you can use whilst networking and promoting your business locally by using posters, flyers and business cards.

Our nutrition courses include our unique Career Accelerator Package which contains all the information you need to effectively market yourself and grow your client base.

Nutrition course student completing online learning

Step 5

Keep Developing Your Skills

In today’s ever-changing market it is vital to keep upskilling your offering, to ensure you meet the needs of your varied client base and stay ahead of the competition.

To be able to work with clients for any given goal it’s important to continue your learning and show clients your knowledge doesn’t stop at the qualification. Future Fit provides short nutrition courses that allow you to enhance the knowledge that you have learned in your qualification.

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