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Advice on career change from our experts

With this guide, you have gone through a process of finding, evaluating and validating your new career move. We have discussed one method, but there is always a new resource or a new way of doing things differently, also when it comes to a career change. We have, therefore, asked our top career advisers to share with you their best advice and invaluable tips on making a career move.

Andy Jones


Question: What are gym owners looking for, and what should I look for bearing that in mind?

If you are looking to find work in a fitness centre, the managers will be looking for a CIMSPA or Reps accredited course. So, you need to make sure you are gaining a qualification that matches this, otherwise, it is going to cost you more in the long run.

Luke Hutchings

How important is it to do a proper nutrition qualification as part of my PT qualification?

Nutrition is extremely important for any up-and-coming Personal Trainer. It will put you at the top of your game as well as let you take your clients on the full journey. If you value nutrition as much as we do then training with us will be the best choice you can make. Be the best you can be and train yourself to the highest standard in the industry, which in turn will make you more competitive.

When choosing a training provider, avoid short courses and the ones that are fully online qualifications. Your training will be the most important part in the start of your career and taking time with your learning and making sure you don’t rush your qualification is the most important thing. Spending months rather than weeks gives you a much better

Julie Cowan

What should I avoid when choosing a training course/provider?

Avoid purely online courses. Face to Face training to back up your e-learning is essential to prepare you. Potential employers and clients will want to see you demonstrate your worth and you’ll only get one chance to make that great impression.

Avoid fast-track courses. Employers and potential clients will value the acquired skills of a Personal Trainer that has taken at least 6 months to train, rather than 6 weeks.

Avoid non CIMSPA and REPs approved courses. Without at least one of these logos on your certificates, the likelihood of you being able to gain insurance to practice is extremely low.

Avoid providers that give “cover letters” rather than certificates until you have finished a payment plan. Awarding bodies and insurance companies rarely accept these as proof of qualifications. This could stop you from gaining employment and even being able to do CPD courses.

Avoid training dates that are set in stone. You never know what will happen a few months down the line so make sure you have flexibility.

Avoid poor e-learning format. Ask to see how it looks before you sign up. Nobody wants to have to read text that has been photographed from pages of a book.

Greg Peel

What are the 3 biggest concerns people have when switching careers, and how do you recommend potential students overcome these?

I feel it is important to do a proper Nutrition qualification as over 9 million people in UK hold gym memberships but over 70% are obese. This is living proof that it’s not all about what you do in the gym, as Nutrition is just as important or more important. Therefore, doing a proper Nutrition qualification as part of your PT allows you to gain more clients and give Nutritional advice properly, after all, your car doesn’t run efficiently with the wrong fuel, we all have heard of the stories of cost and damage done by putting the wrong fuel into an engine, our bodies are much the same.