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Top 5 Pilates exercises you can do anywhere

Published on 10 June 2016

Pilates is amazing. You can incorporate it into your life and do it anywhere any time, which is why it fits so brilliantly with everything else.

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Three top tips to improve your Pilates class

Published on 23 May 2016

Would you prefer to be driven by someone who passed their test 20 years ago, or by someone who has continuously improved their driving skills?

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Pilates Guidelines for Hip Replacement Patients

Published on 17 May 2016

Whilst Pilates itself causes no problem, what precautions should be followed to assist in the best rehabilitation for your client?

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Including the Pilates Principles in your classes

Published on 13 May 2016

Using the Pilates principles is part of layering and teaching. Here are a few tips on how to ensure they are embedded into your teaching style.

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5 tips for starting your own Pilates class

Published on 11 May 2016

At the beginning of your Pilates training you will have been encouraged to start teaching. Now you're qualified, how do you start your own class?

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Is Pilates safe during pregnancy?

Published on 04 May 2016

In the hands of the right instructor, Pilates is not only safe but highly recommended during pregnancy.

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Overcome Stress Incontinence with Pilates

Published on 19 April 2016

As a Pilates instructor, people will ask your advice on all sorts of health related issues. One of the more embarrassing subjects is stress incontinence.

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Pilates in C-section recovery

Published on 11 April 2016

Top tips on C-sections: how to start your recovery, when to start your recovery and what Pilates exercises to perform.

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Pilates specifics for knee injury rehab

Published on 15 March 2016

Let’s start with a bit of anatomy revision. In simple terms, we have 2 bones making up our lower leg (our fibula and our tibia), one bone in our thigh (our femur) and our patella (knee cap).

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The importance of layering when teaching Pilates

Published on 23 February 2016

Layering is the difference between teaching a safe and effective class and teaching a potentially harming waste-of-time class. That’s how crucial it is that you continue to layer your exercises throughout your Pilates career.

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