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Pilates with Small Equipment
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Pilates with Small Equipment
Pilates exercise class with small equipment

Pilates with Small Equipment

Vary your pilates classes and engage students with our CPD accreditation. This online course is endorsed by CIMSPA.

Train with Future Fit together with all the support and industry expertise you need to help your fitness career take flight. Invest in your training to stand out from the crowd with advanced knowledge in Pilates with Small Equipment.

CIMSPA points: 6

Course Overview

The course is packed full of ideas for using small mat equipment to create lively, varied and challenging classes that will really engage your participants.

You’ll learn how to use equipment to isolate and intensify the work of core muscles, and to improve exercise execution by enhancing kinesthetic awareness and understanding.

Discover new variations and creative sequences whilst using small equipment including the Pilates ring, small ball, weighted balls, bands and foam rollers. The use of small equipment will engage class participants and add a new dimension to your service offer.

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Written by a team of our expert tutors and including a comprehensive manual to refer to, this course is hands-on, experiential and fun! You will learn the skills to teach Pilates-based exercises using half-foam rollers, bands/tubing, stability balls, and small softballs. You will also look at exercise variations using the full foam roller, the weighted ball and the Pilates ring.

As well as these pieces of small equipment, you will also receive an introduction to the Pilates Spine Corrector, a classic piece of Pilates equipment, the large Fit Ball, and the Spikey Ball for myofascial release using Pilates exercises.

Generate new opportunities for progressions, adaptations and variations to the Pilates exercises, using equipment to change the focus of the movement. Continue to explore adaptations from the original Pilates method, using small equipment to aid kinaesthetic awareness, performance and understanding of the Pilates technique.

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Pilates with Small Equipment

Online Learning 

This Pilates with Small Equipment course is taught online

Optional Face-to-Face Workshop

This online course doesn’t require you to attend the Small Equipment Workshop to complete your qualification. We do however provide a free group workshop in London for all of our learners from across the UK to attend and gain valuable networking and teaching experience.


Keep your classes energised, challenging and different by including small equipment in your classes, building upon your Pilates portfolio.


There are no formal assessments for this course.

100% Online Learning
Flexible Funding Options

Why study this Pilates small equipment course?

This course will provide you with the Pilates education you need to start incorporating small equipment such as balls, blocks, foam rollers and resistance into Pilates classes. You will understand how to effectively add this type of equipment into your Pilates studio to create a USP in your class offerings.


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