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Nutrition online course learning

Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition

Specialise your Nutrition Knowledge and Extend your Client Base with our CPD course. This online e-learning course is endorsed by CIMSPA.

Train with Future Fit, together with all the support and industry expertise you need to help your fitness career take flight. Invest into your own training, to stand out from the crowd with Pre and Post Natal Nutrition advanced knowledge.

Qualification achievedPre and Postnatal nutrition
CIMSPA Points6
Learning type100% Online
Nutrition Coach Course online learning

Course Overview

Gain a CPD Certification to specialise your nutrition knowledge further and extend your client base. Gain the knowledge you need to advise pregnant women on a healthy diet during pregnancy including what foods they need to limit or avoid and safe supplements to use.

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Understand the Principles of Nutrition for Pre & Postnatal Clients, why is nutrition important when someone is pregnant? Is it safe to eat Stilton while pregnant? What about tuna? How much weight should a woman put on during pregnancy and how quickly should she lose it afterwards? Is breastfeeding really better than bottle-feeding? This course will answer all these questions and much more.

Learn about the importance of weight gain during pregnancy, and help clients who have recently given birth, advising on appropriate nutrition to support breastfeeding and weight loss. This course is certified by the Association for Nutrition at Level 4 of the Health & Social Care Competency Framework. AfN Certification was granted in September 2017.

Nutrition coach studying nutrition course online

Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition


This Pre and Postnatal Nutrition CPD course is an interactive e-learning course. We recommend you work through the course more than once.


This course provides you with the knowledge to offer pre and postnatal nutrition and weight gain advice to help women prepare for pregnancy.


An online exam at the end of the course to test your understanding.

Learn from industry professionals
Increased earning potential
100% Online learning
Flexible funding options

Why study this Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition Course?

Studying this Nutrition Course is for anybody looking to learn more about important foods for pregnant clients and the post pregnancy journey for women. This will provide you with all the information you need to offer advice and guidance on essential foods and vitamins women need to incorporate into their diets when pregnant.

This is useful for a wide range of clients who are looking for support during birth as well as after where they may be breastfeeding. Having a good understanding of food and vitamins is important to mums to be or new mums, as they want to help progress the development of their pregnancy and nutrition plays a key role in this.

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