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Pilates with Small Equipment

Vary your Pilates Classes and Engage Students with our CPD Accreditation

This 1-day practical workshop is accredited by CIMSPA.

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Gain a CPD Certification

The course is packed full of ideas for using small mat equipment to create lively, varied and challenging classes that will really engage your participants.

You’ll learn how to use equipment to isolate and intensify the work of core muscles, and to improve exercise execution by enhancing kinesthetic awareness and understanding.

Written by a Team of Expert Tutors

Written by a team of our expert tutors and including a comprehensive manual to refer to, this workshop is hands-on, experiential and fun! You will learn the skills to teach Pilates-based exercises using half-foam rollers, bands/tubing, stability balls, and small softballs. You will also look at exercise variations using the full foam roller, the weighted ball and the Pilates ring.

This is a 1-day practical workshop.

Pilates with Small Equipment Course

Discover New Variations

Discover new variations and creative sequences whilst using small equipment including the Pilates ring, small ball, weighted balls, bands and foam rollers. The use of small equipment will engage class participants and add a new dimension to your service offer.

Adapt and Vary Your Pilates Exercises

Generate new opportunities for progressions, adaptations and variations to the Pilates exercises, using equipment to change the focus of the movement.

Continue to Explore Adaptations

Continue to explore adaptations from the original Pilates method, using small equipment to aid kinaesthetic awareness, performance and understanding of the Pilates technique.

Keep Your Classes Engaging and Challenging

Keep your classes energised, challenging and different by including small equipment in your classes, building upon your Pilates portfolio.

Course specifics

Pilates with Small Equipment Course

To do this course, you will need:

  • Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor Course, or equivalent.

If you don't already have the Mat Pilates Instructor Course, why not have a look at it, here. You never know, it could be the start of a new career!

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Pilates with Small Equipment Course

Practical Workshop

This Pilates with Small Equipment course is taught as a practical workshop. Find more information in the Location and Dates tab.


  • The purpose of small equipment in a mat Pilates class
  • Safe and effective use of a range of small equipment in Pilates
  • Using small equipment to change the intensity or focus of Pilates exercises
  • Identifying and correcting poor exercise techniques when using small equipment in Pilates


Students will be expected to demonstrate competent teaching, including the identification and correction of poor technique under the observation of the tutor. There are no formal assessments for this workshop.

Pilates with Small Equipment Course

This is a practical workshop.

Please check the other tabs for entry requirements.

Pilates with Small Equipment Course

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How do I know you’re the best training provider for my course?
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How long will the course take? How many hours should I study for per week?

We would ask how much time can you dedicate to your study? The more time available, the quicker you can complete your course. If you don’t have lots of time, we advise taking it step-by-step.

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"Future fit training programme was very…"

Future Fit training programme was very straight forward, but I felt I was missing out by not having any hands-on experience with an actual coach/tutor. A lot of my marks were lower than they could have been due to not fully understanding the subject or item as well as I should, but not having a quick reference point available to verify anything was a drawback.

Mick Jowett 27 04 2019

"Excellent Pilates Course"

The Pilates Matwork course was detailed, practical and challenging. The course content was delivered in a variety of ways i.e. online learning and face-to-face suiting learning styles. Scott and his team were very helpful at the end of the phone/online. I was lucky enough to walk straight into a Pilates teaching job as soon as I qualified. Thank-you FutureFit!

Anne-Marie 12 03 2019

Student Success Story...

Maria Krick

Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

Maria Krick is a Pilates instructor, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. With over 10 years of experience, Marie has a wealth of health and fitness knowledge. Originally born in Athens, Greece, Maria moved to England to study for a degree in IT with business and over time gained numerous qualifications in business analysis and project management. However, Maria’s passion was driven by her love for fitness and the desire to make a difference to others. Paralleling her full-time job with part-time study of fitness coaching allowed her to take gradual steps towards achieving this dream by obtaining qualification in GP Referral, Core Stability, Personal Training, Weight Management and Pilates amongst others with Future Fit Training – reflective of not only her motivation to succeed but an aptitude for coaching.

I enjoy running classes in my local area, alongside supporting clients on a 1-to-1 basis in their quest to reach their lifestyle goals. I feel so lucky that through helping others accomplish their dreams, I have finally been able to achieve my own.