James Gregory

My ethos is this. If you want to make your hobby your career, you need to believe in yourself to make it a reality.
My greatest achievement in fitness has been realising my dream to not only take the career that I wanted but also to develop to being a course tutor, guiding others who’d like to take the same path.

He started studying to be an engineer but his passion was in exercise and training, so James changed direction and started working in a gym when he was 19. James uses his extensive experience to help students who wish to make a career out of their passion for the fitness industry. 

Experience and expertise

  • Background in competitive martial arts
  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology
  • James teaches the Gym Instructor, Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching and Complete Kettlebell Trainer courses and has been a Future Fit Training tutor since 2007

What are your specialist areas?

  • Kettlebell training
  • Personal training

What is your ethos?

As a personal trainer and coach I feel it is important to develop practical skills and apply scientific principles in training, both for yourself and for your clients. As a student I feel it is important to continue to learn and develop in order to better ourselves. I like to keep an open mind to training and not become dogmatic in thinking that there is only one solution to fitness. I feel the best trainers are those who adapt their approach to best meet the needs of their audience.

Tell us something personal about yourself

As a teenager I met the Queen when she visited the Home Counties – I was on the news when she visited my local college!