Personal Trainer Salary

How much you earn as a Personal Trainer really depends on you. If you are passionate about keeping up to speed with the latest trends within the industry, whilst also taking time to promote your business and its services, you can develop a highly successful career that could provide a salary in excess of £60,000 per year.

Personal trainers are typically paid per session, and fees range between £20 and £100 an hour. Trainers with a wealth of experience, many client success stories and an established reputation will be able to command a higher fee thanks to their proven effectiveness. 

If you are a newly qualified personal trainer then your earning potential is significantly higher than that of a fitness instructor, and over time you can build on your skill set and experience in order to command a higher fee.

As with any job it is a good idea to continue to expand your knowledge, and embark on career development courses which cover specialist areas.

In terms of increasing your earning potential, you can maximise this by branching out into several different specialist areas of training. Such areas may include Pre and Post natal exercise, Level 4 Low Back Pain and Exercise Referral for Health Management. Some personal trainers may also offer group exercise classes in order to attract a wider range of clients. If you are offering small grup personal training to 4-10 people at a time, you may be able to increase your hourly rate significantly.

Have a look at our infographic below to work out your earning potential as a personal trainer. 

Personal Trainer Salary Potential Explained

Personal Trainer Salary

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