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Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer Course

By completing this personal training course, you’ll become an elite personal trainer with specialist skills and a sought-after Level 4 status.


Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain (+7 more)

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CIMSPA Endorsed

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London, Manchester, Portsmouth (+ over 40 more)

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Course Overview

The Level 4 Elite Personal Training Course is the highest level of industry recognition. Our courses are developed and updated by our experts in their fields to deliver you the most future proofed and comprehensive training available above and beyond industry standard. This course provides the knowledge and skills to work with clients who have common health conditions (which is increasingly the norm). We keep our alumni progressing with an unmatched range of health-orientated CPD Courses to perfectly complement their existing qualifications. This course include two Level 4 courses in the most common areas PTs are likely to need specialist :

  • Obesity
  • Low Back Pain

The advanced knowledge and skills gained in niche areas to help specific populations will widen your market, allowing you to offer support for more clients, and increase your earning potential.

Entry requirements

The specialist elements of this course require you must:

  • You must be over 16
  • Hold an accredited Level 3 Personal Training Qualification

Don't have a level 3 qualification? Don't worry! You will cover everything from the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification within this course.

Included Qualifications:
  • Transcend Awards Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing
  • Transcend Awards Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Transcend Awards Level 3 Award in Nutritional Intervention for Exercise, Wellbeing and Weight Management
  • VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain
  • Transcend Level 4 Certificate in the Design and Delivery of Physical Activity Programmes for People with Long-term Conditions [Obesity Specialist]
  • Transcend Level 4 Certificate in the Design and Delivery of Physical Activity Programmes for People with Long-term Conditions [Metabolic Conditions Specialist]
  • VTCT Level 3 Award in Adapting Physical Activity for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients

Included Training

The aim of this Elite Personal Trainer Course is to equip you with the specialist skills and experience you need to work with a wide range of clients allowing you to stand out from competitors and improve your earning potential. We create and test courses with our industry connections specifically to provide you with the skills they're looking for, meaning your qualification will provide you with a head-start within the industry.

Your learning with us goes further than how to train a client in the gym. We provide you with the knowledge and confidence to improve health and wellbeing through Personal Training or develop your skill into further niche areas for clients with specialist training requirements.

What you'll learn

Suspension Exercise Instructor

This course will provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to safely and effectively instruct clients in the setup and use of suspension equipment with a range of exercises suitable for all clients ranging from beginners to advanced.

Normally referred to as 'suspension training', the equipment is portable nylon straps with handles that can be adjusted to different lengths and attach to the top of a door, wall bars, railings, trees, and beams – anything that is strong enough to take the weight of a person. The exercises are designed around using your bodyweight whilst partially supported by the equipment. It can be described as functional training as you are using your own body weight and therefore has real benefits for how we move in everyday life. As a piece of equipment, it can be used to aid fat loss, improve core stability, flexibility, power, balance, muscular endurance and strength."

Kettlebell Instructor Course

This course will provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to safely and effectively instruct clients in a range of kettlebell exercises suitable for all clients ranging from beginners to advanced.

Kettlebell training is suitable for one-to-one clients, small group work, athletes, sports teams, circuits and boot camp type classes.

Kettlebells are an ideal investment for students who wish to work as self-employed Personal Trainers meeting clients in their homes. Many large commercial gyms are now equipped with kettlebells and clients are interested in trying something new.

Online module means students can get to grips with the theoretical content, including tutorial videos for every exercise, and refer back to it. This allows more time to be spent on practical application and activities on the workshop

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

This course provides the skills and underpinning knowledge that will enable students to give sound, research-based nutrition advice to athletes and to others interested in enhancing sports or athletic performance. The course builds on the knowledge needed to work with the general population and introduces the requirement to personalise nutritional recommendations for those with sport, exercise and body composition goals.

Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition & Exercise

This course provides the skills and underpinning knowledge that will enable students to provide nutrition advice to clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The Pre and Postnatal Nutrition course is broken down into 9 units as outlined below:

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Preparing for pregnancy
  • Unit 3: Weight gain
  • Unit 4: Vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • Unit 5: Foods to avoid or limit
  • Unit 6: Breastfeeding
  • Unit 7: Losing weight after giving birth
  • Unit 8: Assessment
  • Unit 9: Evaluation

Exercise Referral

This course looks to build on the knowledge gained via EPC / Pilates and enable learners to work with certain (15) common medical conditions covered in the qualification.

Delivered as group exercise focus akin to real-world exercise referral delivery. Large focus on practical application of skills for all conditions during the workshop. Full tutor support is available via TS individual email or phone, plus PT zone Facebook group

Level 4 Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist

This course specialises in low back pain and builds on this specific niche to allow you to work with more specific incidents

Breakdown of 2-day Level 4 Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist workshop

Day 1

  • Icebreaker & course aims / objectives
  • Psychological factors & screening tools
  • Postural & functional assessments (practical tasks)
  • Practical exercise prescription - formative teaching practices & assessment (to
  • include all components of prescription, e.g. w/up, LBP specific exercises & c/down)

Day 2

  • Assessment criteria for case study
  • Theory paper 1 ½ hrs (based on e-learning to cover unit 1 as above 70% to pass)

Everything in Level 3 Personal Trainer Course

  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
  • PT Programming & Coaching
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Advanced Resistance Training
  • Behaviour Change Coaching
  • Building Your Fitness Business
  • Core Training
  • Exercise for Fat Loss
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Gym Instructor
  • Functional Training
  • Circuit Training Instructor

Learning & Assessment

While much of this course will be taught through our award-winning and flexible e-learning platforms, you will still benefit from the practical experience taught in our in-person workshop and assessment sessions. You gain vital coaching experience, providing you with the opportunity to learn from our industry leaders and practice leading your own sessions in a learning environment.

We provide a high volume of resources through our e-learning, student zone and social media platforms to supplement your learning, going above the standard for training within the industry.

Assessment Methods
  • Portfolio
  • Practical Assessment
  • Online Multiple Choice
  • Real World Case Study


Training & Study
63% 38%
Online Training Practical Workshops
70% 30%
Online Assessment Practical Assessment

Specialist Personal Trainer Careers

This course is specifically designed to allow you to work with clients with a range of medical conditions and specific groups beyond the traditional level 3 Personal Trainer Course. This can help you increase your client base, work in a variety of areas outside gyms and fitness facilities, and command a higher salary. You will also benefit from the unique position of being able to offer clients a more bespoke service in the health and wellness industry, making a real difference in your clients lives beyond their fitness goals.

Guaranteed Interview

When it comes to securing your first position as a fitness professional, you will have the advantage of our unparalleled reputation in the industry. As soon as employers see the name Future Fit on your CV, they know you’ve been trained by the best.

We work with leading gyms and health clubs to secure you a guaranteed interview once you have qualified such as David Lloyd, GLL, GM Active and many more!

We create and test courses with our industry connections specifically to provide you with the skills they're looking for, ensuring you are fully career ready based on employer needs and feedback.

Career Toolkit

In addition to the guaranteed interviews you will also receive our Career Toolkit which gives access to ProZone and Dietary Analysis Software.


Receive a 30-day free trial to the ProZone, an online training platform, accredited by CIMSPA. You will have access to training videos, resources and articles on various topics

Dietary Analysis Software:

You will have 6 months access to Nutrium software, enabling you to analyse your clients' diets, determine their calorie and nutrient intake and create meal plans. Nutrium is a complete digital solution for nutrition professionals and includes a personal website and online booking facility.

Career Support

Once you train with Future Fit, you become part of the family where our aim is to help you succeed in as many ways as we can.

Useful resources

Level 4 Specialist Personal Trainer

With the specialist training and qualifications in this course you'll be able to work with a wider variety of people with specific medical conditions that will require you to provide different levels of support.

As a qualified master Personal Trainer you will be able to:

  • Accept GP referrals and cater for the 80% of the population who will experience low back pain
  • Provide group and 1-on-1 exercise, nutrition & weight management sessions for expectant and new mothers
  • Offer fitness programmes using suspension equipment and kettlebells in 1-on-1 and group training sessions
  • Provide specialist nutrition advice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Fees & Funding Options

Our genuine commitment to your career success is why we don’t offer “one size fits all” pricing options. To find out the price for this course, download our price guide or speak to our careers advisors on who will go through the costs involved. Here are a few options when it comes to funding your course.


Pay in full

Pay the full ammount for your training in one whole lump sum, nice and simple.


0% finance*

Put down a deposit and then spread the cost of your training with 0% finance*


Deposit & balance

Put down a deposit and then pay the remaining balance in one lump sum at a later date.


Pay as you learn

Put down a deposit and then pay for the rest of your training in monthly payments.

Course Dates & Locations

We have over 40 venues across England, Scotland and Wales, including venues in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Manchester.

To find a personal training course near you, download the price guide and speak to one of our experience careers advisors.

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Level 4 Elite Personal Training Course Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your qualifications internationally recognised?

Yes! Our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course and Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer Course qualifications are recognised by employers internationally and students can also work abroad with REPs and EREPs recognition.

ICREPs is a partnership between the various registration bodies which means qualifications gained in those countries are transferable and recognised: UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Canada.

Does Future Fit Training offer guaranteed interviews once I qualify?

Yes. We provide guaranteed interviews through some of the top fitness companies once you qualify.

Many give guaranteed interviews for available positions as fitness instructors, studio-based instructors and personal trainers on completion.

Do you give me support for my online programmes?

Yes, our extensive Tutor Support team are on hand by phone, email and Facebook to answer any questions that you may have about your training to ensure you are always fully supported and on track.

I have a sports science/dance degree can I miss out any elements?

You may have some advantages when studying our personal training course if you have a sports science or dance degree.

Contact our Career Advisers on the numbers at the top of this page and we can discuss your prior qualifications.

How long does it take to complete a personal trainer course?

It is difficult to give a definitive answer because every student is different. Some students are able to study full time, some can commit 16 hours per week – others only 6-8 hours part time. You may want to mix intensive periods of study with ‘rest’ periods to fit around work and family commitments.

Also, you may be happy to attend courses in any location, giving you a greater choice of courses dates, while others may not. This is why we like to spend time designing your training plan with you before you enrol with us so that it fits around your commitments and the time you can dedicate to study.

What does it take to become a personal trainer?

Succeeding in one of our personal trainer courses requires a diverse set of skills:

  • Listening to your clients – understanding their goals pains and desires
  • Be a great motivator – keep your energy high and focus on leading your clients
  • Lead a healthy and active lifestyle – be a good role model
  • Patience and enthusiasm – you are a self-motivated motivator
  • Business and marketing – essential to potential freelance work

Ultimately, it’s important to take some time to compare personal training courses and make sure a PT course suits<

What qualifications do you need to become a Personal Trainer?

To become a Personal Trainer you need recognised qualification such as:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. This qualification will give you everything you need to become a successful personal trainer.
  • Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer Course. A higher level qualification that will set you apart and allow you to specialise and increase your personal trainer salary.

To become a fitness instructor or gym instructor you would need a qualification such as:

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Course. This course is your starting point within the fitness industry and from where you can continue to develop your career as a personal trainer.
What is the vocational route to become a personal trainer?

The vocational route to become a PT includes the following personal trainer courses: