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Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

Provide Nutrition Advice to Clients with Sport or Exercise-Related goals. This online e-learning course is endorsed by CIMSPA.

Train with Future Fit, together with all the support and industry expertise you need to help your fitness career take flight. Invest into your own training, to stand out from the crowd with advanced knowledge for Nutrition in Sport and Exercise.

Qualification Nutrition for sports and exercise
Course Type 100% Online
CIMSPA Points 7
Assessment Type Online multiple choice assessment
Nutrition course student completing online learning

Course Overview

This unique Association for Nutrition certified e-learning course focuses on the nutrient requirements of those involved in sport and exercise. Gain an understanding of all elements needed to succeed in this area with our CPD training.

This course explores the different information behind carbohydrates, protein and nutrients and how this is best applied to the body to help maximise performance and energy alongside muscle growth during sport and exercise.

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Provide Nutrition Advice for Sport and Exercise Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a nutrition enthusiast, health and fitness instructor, or personal trainer wishing to gain a sound understanding of how to adapt the diet to optimise energy levels needed to fuel exercise, this online nutrition course will give an extensive understanding of sports nutrition, enabling you to provide appropriate nutrition advice to clients with sport or exercise-related goals.

Learn about Common Sports Nutrition Supplements

In addition to the general application of nutrition to sport and exercise, this course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the range of sports supplements currently on the market and evidence supporting their effectiveness and use.

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What's Included in the Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Course


This Nutrition for Sport and Exercise course is an interactive e-learning course. We recommend you work through the course more than once. This course can be completely studied from the comfort of your own home.


This course will equip you with the knowledge to advise a range of clients on how to optimise their diets to enhance exercise performance and recovery.


Online multiple-choice exam

Learn from industry professionals
Increased earning potential
100% Online learning
Flexible funding options

Why study this Nutrition for Sport exercise & health course?

Studying this Nutrition for Sport Exercise Course will provide you with valuable knowledge on the correct food the body needs to achieve maximum muscle performance when training or after training. It will educate you on the protein, carbohydrates and nutrients the body needs for improved energy levels.

The information included in the course will provide you with everything you need to successfully implement nutrition for Sport and exercise, which can be used to work with non-professional athletes or clients.

nutrition for sport and exercise

Job Opportunities

Once qualifying in this Nutrition for Sports and Exercise course the route you take from here can vary.  Whether you are studying for personal interest or looking to provide clients with a nutritional service.

  • Enhance current personal training qualifications by learning more in the area of nutrition.
  • Work with gym/health clubs to provide nutritional advice for Sports and Exercise.
  • Become a Nutrition Coach specialised in Nutrition for sport and exercise.


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