Noel Hayden

Experience & expertise

Having spent 20 years working in man-management I found coaching in exercise & sport an easy transition after I had finished playing rugby. Relocating to live in Ireland for 13 years I trained and worked at a national health club and I was lucky enough to coach at one of the top club sides in the country, working with both national and international players, all of whom had a keen interest in fitness. 

Over the last 10 years I have (tried) to continually improve my knowledge of exercise, motivation and coach delivery to help individuals make changes and achieve the results they want.

Best bit of advice received?

Two bits:

Never stop learning & it’s not about YOU

Something personal about myself

When I attended my first day learning to be a PT I was in a room with around a dozen experienced PT’s doing a refresher course and I realised ‘I know nothing’