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Personal Training

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training involves hiring a Personal Trainer to help a client meet their fitness goals, through the knowledge, skills, and abilities personal trainers possess. A personal trainer is a fitness professional who designs exercise programs and instructs exercise to help people achieve their fitness goals, which will often include weight loss, improving sports performance, or managing a health condition. They do this by working with people on a one-to-one basis and in a group setting.

Knowledge of a Personal Trainer

To work in the fitness industry, all personal trainers will have a level 3 certificate in personal training. This qualification will equip the personal trainer with the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to work with a wide range of clients safely and effectively.

Key qualifications in Personal Training

A Personal Trainer you will need to be qualified at Level 3 in Personal Training which includes:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Exercise Prescription and Instruction
  • Nutrition for Weight Management
  • Behaviour Change

Additional qualifications in Personal Training

Personal Trainer's can study additional continuous personal development (CPD) courses such as:

  • Circuit training instructor
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • Suspension exercise instructor
  • Exercise referral
  • Strength and conditioning

Personal Training Industry

The Personal training industry has seen continuous growth with a drop in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning as an industry new trends were adopted. There has been an increased attention to health, before COVID 19 fitness was angled on the physical aspect however there is now more of a focus on the connection between fitness and the immune system as a whole.

This has also opened more online opportunities as digital trends accelerated which has encouraged personal training as an industry to expand its online presence. Coaching fitness online courses have been developed to support this and ensure Personal Trainers are well equipped in the best way to deliver training online.

Personal Trainer Job Roles

The most common career path for personal trainers to take is to first complete a gym instructor qualification before studying the personal training qualification. From here, personal trainers have the choice to take on additional training to enhance their opportunities and scope of practice. The most common career progression routes involve exercise referral, strength and conditioning, group exercise, and online fitness coaching

1. Level 2 Gym Instructor

2. Level 3 Personal Trainer

3. Continuous Personal Development & Specialist qualifications

Further development:

1. Exercise referral

2. Group Exercise

3. Strength & Conditioning

4. Online Coaching

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Level 3 Personal Trainer Course

The Personal Trainer Level 3 Course gives you the qualification that provide's entry into the fitness industry and expands your knowledge into an advanced status.

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Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer Course

Studying a Level 4 Personal Trainer Course will provide the advanced knowledge and skills gained in niche areas to help specific populations will widen your market, allowing you to offer support for more clients.

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Level 4  Personal Trainer Course with RSPH Nutrition

This Elite merged course will give you training in the most advanced areas of Personal Training and Nutrition. You'll cover topics that allow you to work with clients with medical conditions, create tailored meal plans, and offer nutrition advice to athletes.

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