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Advanced Resistance Training

Take your knowledge of Resisting Training further with a CPD accreditation. This online e-learning course is endorsed by CIMSPA.

Train with Future Fit, together with all the support and industry expertise you need to help your fitness career take flight. Invest into your own training, to stand out from the crowd with Advanced Resistance Training knowledge.

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CIMSPA points: 7

Course Overview

Study the advanced techniques of resistance training and increase your knowledge and ability to produce satisfied clients. In recent years, the health-related benefits of muscular fitness have gained greater recognition. Resistance training, also known as weight training is now an important aspect of health and fitness programmes. Learn more and gain CPD certification with Future Fit Training.

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Advance Your Weight Training Coaching Skills

Throughout this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of all the fascinating aspects of advanced resistance training including the theory and application of advanced training techniques and programme design to increase muscle strength, power, endurance, hypertrophy (size), power endurance and work capacity.

For many years, strength athletes and bodybuilders have applied a variety of resistance training techniques to optimize gains in muscular strength, insurance, power and muscle size. Correct knowledge behind this style of weight training is vital to ensuring your clients do not result in injuries or overtraining.

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What's Included in the Advanced Resistance Training Course


This Advanced Resistance Training course is completely online, all three of the e-learning courses are available to study in your own time and at your own pace. They contain a mix of media and interactivity.


There are ongoing online activities and learning assessments as you work through the courses to test your understanding of the subject.
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Why study this advanced resistance training course?

Studying this Advanced Resistance training course will help develop an understanding of the concepts and techniques of this training style which will enable trainers to help clients achieve their goals more effectively. Once you have completed this course you will be able to effectively assess the muscular fitness of a variety of clients using a variety of proven tests and exercises.

This course will include a step by step guide to advanced programme design, which includes manipulation of the training variables to maximise strength, power and endurance. It will provide you with useful information to take your exercise prescription to another level and prepare you for working with sports people and athletes.



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