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Coaching Fitness Online

Developed by PT Master Trainer, Mark Laws, this course is an in-depth and essential look at how to effectively deliver a variety of fitness coaching and personal training online.


Aligned to CIMSPA's Delivering Sport and Physical Activity Online policy




100% Online Learning


5-7 hours

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Course Overview

This e-learning course has been developed to align to CIMSPA's Delivering Sport and Physical Activity Online policy, with every detail created to support Personal Trainers in confidently taking their business, fully or partly, online.

While many of us are geared up and ready to jump back into the gym, it has been forecasted that many fitness professionals and gym-goers alike will continue to operate online, meaning the demand for highly-trained online coaches is set to soar.

Entry requirements

There is no official prerequisite for this course, however, we recommend this course for Level 3 qualified Personal Trainers to build upon existing knowledge and qualifications.

"Coaching Fitness Online covers every element that a fitness professional needs to successfully run all, or part of, their business online.

The Coaching Fitness Online e-learning course has been developed to provide any fitness professional, whether they are currently operating partially online, or have never offered online services, the confidence and skills needed to deliver a safe, successful service and secure a sustainable income.

From Personal Trainers and S&C Coaches to Group Exercise and Pilates Instructors and everyone in between, this course is suitable for any fitness professional who is looking to maximise their potential online.”

Mark Laws - PT Master Trainer - Future Fit Training

The course consists of 5 parts + assessment:

Part 1 - Fundamentals

Clarifies what online coaching is, who it will suit and where it can fit into your business, as well as some relevant business fundamentals and insight into product design.

Part 2 - Hardware and software

Focusses on what you will need, such as the different types of products you should consider offering and how you can utilise hardware and software to enhance your business.

Part 3 - Assessments, programming and coaching

Covers how to run a successful online coaching business, providing you with easy-to-implement strategies for assessments, programming, coaching skills and the customer journey.

Part 4 - Marketing

Based on marketing which is an important topic when it comes to telling potential clients about your business. This unit covers the marketing funnel, social media platforms, campaigns and strategies.

Part 5 - Sales

Based on sales and follows directly on from unit 4. Generating leads is one challenge, converting them into paying customers is another. This unit will cover the sales funnel and techniques to adopt to maximise your results.

Assessment & completion

Once you've completed the 5 parts you will complete a multiple choice assessment to check your knowledge and complete the course.

Why should you study this course?


Keep up with demand

Despite the reopening of indoor fitness, the demand for online Personal Trainers and classes is at an all time high. You can be at the forefront of that offering!


Boost your client base

When providing your training online you aren't restricted by location, so you can reach a wider audience in different areas and expand your client base beyond belief.


Open up new opportunities

Having the flexibility to take your fitness business online will open the door to new opportunities, including new styles of training, being able to deliver even more and reach potential clients in a variety of locations.


Gain vital skills

Covering the absolute vital fundamentals such as Marketing, Sales, Assessment, Coaching, Insurance, Legalities and more, you will be heads and shoulders above the rest whether you are offering your training face-to-face, online or a combination of the two!

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