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How to Take Your Teaching Online (Pilates Update)

As more and more instructors see the benefits of bringing their Pilates business online, find out how you can bring your teaching online and reach a wider range of audiences than ever before (from the comfort of your own space)

Pilates teachers across the world have been taking their Pilates businesses online to continue helping clients achieve their wellness goals.

Using platforms such as Zoom, Teams, or Skype allows you to live-stream classes and make Pilates widely accessible to everyone, no matter where you are in the world. This has opened up windows of opportunity for Pilates teachers; many now see it as a business maneuverer that they will continue with post-pandemic


Meet Juliet Nicholas


Having worked as a Pilates teacher for many years out in the community, Juliet Nicholas from Juliet’s Pilates has moved her business completely online.

Juliet offers a schedule of online classes and runs these on a membership basis, meaning regular income for her business. She also offers ‘on demand’ videos of Pilates classes to meet different needs and abilities for people to enjoy in their own time; clients can practice Pilates regularly in between classes! This not only enhances the membership package, but also provides an opportunity for a passive income too.

Watch her helpful video to find out her tips for taking your business online:

So, what does teaching Pilates online actually involve? Read our 5 top things you’ll need to make your online business a success, and keep growing now, and into the coming years!

This post includes:

1. Choosing Your Platform

2. Insurance

3. Booking Platforms

4. Studio Space

5. Equipment

1. Choosing a Platform

There are a range of platforms available for you to be able to teach online classes, such as:

  • Zoom
  • WebEx
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

Most platforms offer a free basic package, however there would normally be a time or capacity limit, whereas monthly subscription would allow for more freedom.


Online: A Zoom pro subscription
costs £11.99 per month plus VAT. This allows you to be able to host up to 100
participants and give unlimited group meetings. It allows you to stream via
social media and offers 1GB of cloud recording space, where you can share the
recording links with your clients.

Hall hire: hall hire costs
between £12-£25 per hour approx. Let’s say you are teaching 4 x classes per week/16
classes per month, that £192-£300 per month in business expense.
As you can see, there is more than one perks of taking your Pilates business online!


2. Insurance

Make sure that your insurance covers you for online and on-demand teaching. A simple call to your insurer will ensure that you have sufficient cover.

Juliet suggests a ‘common sense waiver’ in her video: ‘always make sure the area you’re working in is clear and clutter-free, that you’re well ventilated….in a well ventilated and well-lit area…just to offer best practice to take the best possible care of your clients’.



3. Booking Platforms

There are several options available when setting up your
online classes.

If you choose to start off gradually, then you can advertise
your class across social media or your website. Take payments via BACS transfer
or PayPal and manually send out the class links to your participants. Simple!

However, once business start to pick up, you may want to
have an online booking system that you can integrate into your website, such as
Wix bookings or Gymcatch. Gymcatch offers a free trial for 3 months and CIMSPA
also gives a 20% discount with the code CIMSPA2020, details can be found

Having a booking system takes away some of the admin with
automated emails and most sites allow you to integrate zoom and YouTube so that
links are sent out automatically too! You can also integrate stripe or PayPal
on most systems for online payments. Some platforms integrate online waivers
and health questionnaires.

Having an online booking system keeps all your
client details in one place and allows you to have a schedule of classes
available for participants to book.



4. Studio Space

The beauty here, is that you do not need a fancy Pilates

studio, all you need is space to be able to demonstrate the Pilates movement!

So, push out the sofa and roll out your mat and you are good to go!


5. Equipment

When you are first starting out you do not need fancy
equipment. You can start your online business with your laptop or phone, an
internet connection, and the space to be able to teach.

However, if you want to
enhance the participant experience then you could invest in a microphone and
perhaps some lighting to ensure a high standard of delivery, especially if you
will be offering on demand.



The Benefits

Some of the key benefits of bringing your Pilates business online are:

  1. No need to leave your home! Save on travel costs and travel time!
  2. More time to teach more classes at a wider capacity
  3. Your services are more accessible to more people
  4. Less expense in venue hire
  5. Bring people together to practice Pilates: family, friends, even from if they live in another country!
  6. Offer recordings if people cannot make the live
  7. Keep participants engaged in-between sessions
  8. Option for participant video still allows for interaction and a social catch up!
  9. Teach 1-2-1s or group classes
  10. Teach virtual retreats or online challenges to grow your audience
  11. Reach more people across social media

The beauty of online teaching is that, with the technologies previously listed, you can teach to a wider audience than ever before. You have the ability to teach anyone who is able to follow you online at the press of a button, reaching a wider demographic across the world!

With Pilates being such a hands-on technique with teachers well respected for their quality of instructions and ability to meet individual needs, it is imperative that the teachers now develop the ability to enhance verbal cues and teaching techniques. Future Fit training has tailored this into their training programmes to ensure quality remains across training and teaching of Pilates, whether it be online or in person.


We would like to thank Juliet for all her help and for her video, check out her website here:

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