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Why Do People Start Life Coaching?

In this article we discuss some reasons why people start Life Coaching, this can be a great reading piece for somebody who is looking into working with a Life Coach. 

When it comes to starting Life Coaching there can be many different reasons that people sign up with a Life Coach. It is important that if you start looking for a Life Coach, you have carried out research on what type of life coaching there is, how to find the right life coach for you and understand Life Coach certification levels. In this article we discuss some reasons why people start Life Coaching, this can be a great reading piece for somebody who is looking into working with a Life Coach. 

1. You feel unmotivated

Sometimes you can experience a high lack of motivation in areas of life, this might be health, fitness, work, home life, socialising or anything else you tend to do. The biggest issue with being unmotivated is that you lack the drive to make a difference in a given area or problem, which in turn slows you down from achieving any goals you may have in life. 

Starting with a Life Coach can help you build a sense of momentum and drive in aspects of your life that you may be lacking. As people start with a Life Coach they are likely to have an introductory session, this will outline your lack of motivation and what areas this may be relevant to, a life coach will then be able to map out ways to improve and build on this.

life coaching students

2. Changing your career

Another reason people start with a Life Coach is due to wanting a change in career or experiencing a change in their work life. For example, if you are looking for ways to elevate your career, progress or grow in your current role, you may be struggling to understand the best way to do that. Often career-focused clients will work with a Business Life Coach, who would understand how to improve and build on given areas which are relevant to helping them progress in a business or achieve a desired career path. 

Some larger companies will actually have business Life Coaches in their internal HR department, to ensure they are providing their employees with the support that they need within their careers. Companies will bring them in-house to help progress the business as well as the employees. 

3. You need to improve your health & wellbeing

People may also decide to work with a Life Coach as a way to improve and better their health and wellbeing, sometimes this could involve a qualified Nutrition Coach who also does Life Coaching to help these types of clients. Taking on Life Coaching to help improve your health and wellbeing can help make a big difference in behaviour change coaching, wellness habit and the impact foods can have on your wellbeing. Sometimes people look to get a Life Coach in this area as they just need to understand where to start and how to make a difference in their health and wellbeing for them to see results and change. 

4. You procrastinate

Procrastination can be a really difficult thing to overcome for people, whether it’s at work, at home or in everyday life. This can be a really good reason for people to start life coaching as procrastination can hold you back from getting to where you may want to be. A Life Coach will develop a training programme built for your needs to help work and grow in the given area, this will push you to become more productive and encourage you to make the most out of your time, which in turn will help achieve long term goals in different aspects of life. 

The main aim of a Life Coach will be to reduce the amount of time you procrastinate and ensure that you achieve everything you want each day. They will work with you to improve your personal development in this area, and to help make a permanent change in the way you approach these challenges.

5. You doubt yourself 

Another reason people start having Life Coaching is when they start to doubt themself in what they may be doing. This could be in many different aspects of life and can affect people differently but overall when somebody is doubting themself it can have a knock-on effect on job performance, confidence and life satisfaction.

If you find that you are doubting yourself in areas that are taking a toll on everything else you do, a Life Coach will work with you to build your self-esteem and confidence to help the self-doubt you may have. They will work to understand what the causes may be and figure out a solution. 

nutrition coaches

6. You struggle to build relationships 

Some people may decide to work with a Life Coach to improve their relationship building, whether that is relationships, friendships or with families. This could be another route outside counselling in a relationship, a Life Coach will work with you to help understand the hurdles or challenges you have in relation to building relationships with people. A Life Coach programme is likely to provide you with advice and areas of improvement which you can start making to work on yourself and your relationships. 

7. Balancing Life 

People can often find that work-life balance can sometimes be more challenging than you imagine, it may be that people want to continue to overachieve in work meaning they work outside working hours. This then has a knock-on effect on life satisfaction outside of work, having little time to enjoy anything you are doing when not at work from not having enough time or not being able to switch off. If you choose to work with a Life Coach on this, they will support and guide you in ways to balance both work and life to ensure you are getting what you need from both those areas. 

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Overall people have many different reasons to start life coaching with the aim to build, grow and improve on areas of life in which they may be unfilled or challenged in. All Life Coach training will educate them on how to work with clients to identify the root of the problem and build on that for a positive outcome. The coaching industry is ever-growing with potential clients increasing every day as more people realise that the support of a certified coach can help make a difference in life.