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How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?

How much a life coach costs can vary on the type of life coach services they offer and the length of your requirements, it also takes into account where your sessions are held.

How much can a session cost?

How much a life coach costs can vary on the type of life coach services they offer and the length of your requirements, it also takes into account where your sessions are held. For example, sessions held online can be more cost effective for the life coach which may mean they charge slightly less than life coaches who offer a face-to-face service. On the other hand, location can be a determining factor as expected life coaches operating in areas such as London are likely to charge a higher price than life coaches in Edinburgh. 

life coaching session

It is also important to take into account the experience of the life coaches you are looking at, somebody with 5-10 years of experience will be charging more than those who have just come into the industry. However, this does not mean that those who are new to the industry won’t be as effective, it is just a matter of them starting their business in order to grow. Price can be a factor when looking to start life coaching and it’s important you understand what you want to get from your sessions including location, how often you want to go and the support you are looking for. You will then be able to research and scope out potential life coaches which work with your budget whilst also ensuring they offer everything you need.

Below we have used the life coaching directory to work out a maximum, minimum and average cost per session which can also be viewed as hourly rates. 

Maximum (per session) £489
Minimum cost (per session) £85
Average cost (per session) £287

How long is a session?

Session length will also have an influence on how much a life coach will cost, this could be determined by the services they offer, the needs of the client or the type of session. Typically a coaching session will last between 45 minutes to an hour, however initial assessments may be slightly longer as the introduction. 

Outside of this life coaches could offer a support package which includes email, instant messaging or phone calls in their service whereas others may charge an additional fee for this. When you are looking for a life coach, you should ask them questions and queries you may have regarding the additional support and session length, from this you can decide what’s right for you. 

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How often should I be paying for sessions?

The number of life coaching sessions you pay for could be split into a package payment or being paid individually each time. Normally, when booking in with a life coach a package offer may include anywhere between 6-12 sessions, this price is often slightly cheaper than what it would cost for you to pay for these sessions each time. Alternatively, some people would rather pay a slightly higher price and just pay for sessions as they need them. 

How often you pay for your sessions is completely in your control, most life coaches will provide both package pricing and individual pricing for you to choose from. Some may decide to buy sessions as a package to ensure they are consistent and committed to making a change in their life, paying for sessions as you go makes it easier to avoid going or fall out of the habit. 

Different types of life coaching package

Life coaching introductory sessions 

This would be treated as the introductory session to your life coaching, usually, life coaches will offer this as a free service so the client can understand more about the service offering. This session will help the coach understand if they are the right life coach for you, as well as you feeling comfortable in their service. This session could last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, from this you should determine if you are hiring a life coach.

Single session

This session could be anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes and this will be your first full session with your life coach. During this session, you will look at mapping out your main aim from this journey and planning out how you will achieve your goals through the life coaching services. At this point, you are likely to not have purchased a package of sessions, this stage should be used to help you in deciding the number of sessions you want to book.

life coaching session cost

Multi-session package

Life coaches will often pull together multi-session packages which could include anywhere between 6-12 sessions in bulk, this will allow you to guarantee this number of sessions and book them over time. You will pay the life coach the fee upfront, or in some instances, they may offer to spread the payments out over each month.

On-going subscription Sessions per-month package

On-going subscription sessions are popular for clients who decide they want to continue going for an ongoing time period, the monthly resubscription makes this easy for the client. Within this fee there will be a number of sessions each month, this will help you remain consistent and on track with your life coaching journey. This can be considered a long-term approach for those looking to stay on track and accountable.