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Paying for your course

Assessments and certificates

How can I afford my training?

Future Fit Training has affordable and flexible payment schemes that mean you can spread the payments over time to suit your individual needs.

Depending on your personal circumstances, help may be available from government funded agencies, including community-based projects and job centres. There are also a range of specialist industry-related schemes for those leaving the armed forces.

Go to paying for your training made easy for more information about how to afford your training.
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Do I pay for the courses in full when I book?

You can pay for your diploma in full, or choose from an affordable and flexible payment scheme to suit you. You can pay a deposit and then the balance, pay by monthly instalments or by company invoice. Future Fit Training acts as a credit intermediary and only offers credit products form Omni Capital. Credit is provided subject to age and status. Credit finance is an option but payment can also be made in full. Terms and conditions apply. Go to 'paying for your training made easy' for more information about payment options.
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Are there any disadvantages to paying by instalments?

When paying by instalments you must ensure that you have banked enough in advance to cover the cost of the next course you wish to study in your diploma. You will also incur a small staged learner fee with each payment. This information does not apply if paying via Omni Finance.
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I’m having problems with my shopping basket, what should I do?

If you're having any technical issues with your shopping basket call us on 01329 829444 or 0800 4581388 to speak to a Career Adviser. The office is open Monday to Thursday 09:00 to19:00 and Friday 09:00 to 17:00.
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How can I compare courses and prices?

It can be hard to directly compare courses like for like as there are many courses with similar names but very different content and accreditation - this in turn can mean a difference in pricing. We advise you to always look at course content, course format, the level of qualification you'll receive and the number of CPD points you'll earn to get a better idea of what to expect from the course.

For advice about our courses contact one of our careers advisers who will help you with your individual needs and develop your career change to suit you.
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How do I know you’re the best training provider for my course?

  • Our team of experienced and highly qualified tutors make your training rewarding and fun
  • We have been voted ukactive's Training Provider of the Year for 2016 & 2017
  • We have over 19 years experience in the training industry
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 registered by the British Standards Institution
  • We offer you affordable and flexible payment options
  • Our flexible training format allows you to train at your own pace and in your own time
  • You will receive unlimited support throughout your training

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How old do I have to be to take a course with you?

The minimum age to take a course is 16 years old. For more information on course entry requirements and admissions please contact one of our careers advisers, who will be happy to answer any of your questions.
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How long will it take?

Due to the e-learning elements of the diplomas and the varying amount of time students are able to dedicate to study it is difficult to give a definitive answer. Also if you are able to attend courses in any location you, will have more course dates to choose from, and may be able to complete your diploma in less time. For these reasons, we like to spend time designing your training plan with you, so that it fits around your commitments and the time you can dedicate to study.
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Do you give me support for my online programmes?

Yes, our extensive Support team is on hand by phone and email to answer any questions that you may have about your training to ensure you are always fully supported and on track.
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What kind of equipment do I need for the online part of my course?

All of our courses will run on Windows-based PCs, Apple macs and iPads. We test our courses in a range of browsers but for best results we recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome.
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What support will I get once I’ve qualified?

We pride ourselves on the amount of support we offer both during your studies and beyond. We have a fantastic team of support tutors who provide advice and guidance throughout your studies, including tips and hints on how to get started once you’ve qualified. You will also be given access to our Student Zone, a study area that is personalised to the courses and diplomas that you have chosen.
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How can I fit the training around my life?

The School of Pilates offers flexible training solutions, which means we build your programme around you, your commitments and the time you can dedicate to study. If your circumstances change, we simply re-work your training plan. Previous students have taken time out to have babies, change jobs, start work – all sorts of reasons.

Most of the theory that underpins the practical part of our courses is delivered via e-learning. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to study wherever and whenever you want. Also, we deliver the largest number of practical mat Pilates courses in the UK, so you should have plenty of course dates to choose from.
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At what point in my training can I start teaching classes?

While you are training you can get student insurance from a company called FitPro in order to teach, but you must declare that you are in training and charge a lower rate than you would if you were a fully qualified Pilates Instructor. You will of course need a proof of training letter from the School of Pilates in order to do this, and it will also be subject to FitPro's eligibility criteria.
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Can I teach at an advanced level with the standard diploma course?

Yes, by the end of the standard diploma, you will have been taught all of the original 34 exercises. Your course tutors will have shown you how to modify each of the exercises so that you can teach a mixed ability class, plus you will have experienced performing the advanced exercises yourself and learnt the relevant teaching and safety points in preparation for instructing others.
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How experienced are the School of Pilates teachers?

The teaching team in the School of Pilates are highly experienced Pilates teachers and expert course tutors. Each tutor must pass a comprehensive teacher training programme within the School of Pilates to ensure you get the high quality tuition our reputation is built on. They’ll provide you with the knowledge and information you need to achieve your goals and will do everything they can to support and help you succeed.
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Is it better to take the Diploma in Mat Pilates and add on the extra courses at a later date?

This is entirely your choice. If you are new to the fitness industry and ‘testing the water’, our advice would be to complete the standard Diploma in the first instance. This will give you the chance to learn and achieve each part of the Diploma at a pace that suits you. If you are already a fitness trainer or Personal Trainer, we suggest you complete the Specialist Diploma as this will give you additional qualifications straight away to offer your client base and open further opportunities to you.
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Is there a deadline to complete my training?

Each individual module within your training programme has a specific deadline or timeframe of completion that must be achieved in order to pass. This is 3 years from when you purchased. The aim of the deadlines are to encourage you to succeed and ensure that you become qualified.
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What happens if I fail my assessments?

In the unfortunate event that you fail an assessment, don't worry. We will fully support you to get back on track with your training and do our utmost to ensure your reassessment is a success. Reassessments may be subject to a small fee - speak to your Training Co-ordinator to find out more.
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When will I receive my certificates?

Once you have completed your course(s) you will be posted a certificate within 6-8 weeks of completion.

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