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Dr. Gary Mendoza - Driving Behaviour Change

Published on 09 August 2019

Dr. Gary Mendoza’s background is in Personal Training. Gary has been qualified as a Personal Trainer for 25 years, having managed city centre gyms and upmarket leisure centres.

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Why Personal Trainers need to understand Behaviour Change

Published on 05 August 2019

While physical activity is an important part of health and weight management, fitness professionals should understand that someone who appears unmotivated may not be ready to change their fitness habits.

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Welcoming our newest recruit: Richard Millard

Published on 16 July 2019

An industry veteran, Richard Millard, has joined the ever-expanding Future Fit Training team as a Non-Executive Ambassador, a new consulting role created to better respond to sector needs.

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7 personal trainers’ tips to prepare for a marathon

Published on 28 June 2019

In order to achieve your goals, there’s a lot that you need to get right before you head across the starting line, from making a detailed plan to eating a nutritious diet.

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15 Personal Training Employment Statistics

Published on 03 June 2019

Statistics about the importance of business skills and commercial acumen in Personal Training.

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52 Career Change Jobs With No Experience Required

Published on 29 May 2019

On average a person changes job 12 times during their career, due to the evolving nature of our technology and the availability of new job opportunities. This means workers are nowadays more skilled at searching for jobs, interviewing and networking than ever before.

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Mental Health Week: 4 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Published on 15 May 2019

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 (13th – 19th May), Future Fit is helping to raise awareness by focussing on the benefit of physical activity and mental wellbeing.

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Personal Training: Expectations | Costs | Benefits | Skills

Published on 13 May 2019

Everything you need to know about Personal Training. From skills to insights at what a Personal Trainer does, costs of hiring one, how can you find one, things to expect from their sessions to online personal trainers.

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New Event: Your Future is Fit

Published on 01 May 2019

Switch the Play and Future Fit have teamed up to help athletes transition into a career in the fitness industry.

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Are online fitness courses the most effective for you?

Published on 12 April 2019

The internet has made the world much smaller than it used to be, making it easier to do a lot of things. Even in the world of personal training, getting bespoke advice is now as simple as logging into an online fitness course and going through your paces.

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