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How to choose the right Pilates Teacher course

We know that there are a lot of Pilates courses on the market and we want you to choose the right one for you. The role of a Pilates teacher is much more than turning up at a studio and teaching a group of people a series of Pilates exercises

As a Pilates teacher you should:

  • Have extensive knowledge about how the body functions and know how to modify Pilates exercises when a participant presents with a specific medical condition.
  • Understand the difference in spine shapes and modify the Pilates exercises to support the client, knowing at what point you can increase the intensity of an exercise for a participant.
  • Know what alternative exercises to provide a client (to work the same body area) whilst still teaching the other 10 people within a class.
  • Have business and marketing skills to advertise your services.

So before you do decide who to study with, ask your chosen training providers the following questions:

How is your training designed and developed?

Your chosen Pilates diploma needs to include current training techniques and up-to date research to enable you to give your clients a high quality and varied training experience.

We constantly keep up-to-date with the latest trends through research and discussions with leading fitness professionals and employers. We recently won the Most Innovative Training Programme of the Year at the UK Active 2014 awards in recognition of our 3 dedicated Schools and their unique approach to training!

Training over a period of time ensures that you retain the knowledge you have gained, can put your new skills into practice and gives you the confidence you need to start teaching Pilates effectively. So be careful not to rush your training so that you can ensure that you get the best preparation for your new career!

Our students are at the heart of everything we do. This is why we structure and deliver the courses within our diplomas over a period of time.

  • Students are more likely to retain essential information effectively if it’s built on over a period of time rather than intensively delivered.
  • Provides students with time to absorb and apply Pilates information – giving them time to practice with friends and colleagues to improve their confidence over a period of time
  • Provides the opportunity to seek more support and guidance if needed between each course
  • Less pressure placed on our students – they can manage their studies and fit it in with existing family and work commitments
  • Provides longer time to practice theory exams
  • Provides more time to complete their worksheets and portfolio

How do your assessments prepare me for life in the real world?

When you train for your new career, you will be assessed on what you have learnt. There’s a big difference between being assessed using a fellow student as a ‘client’ rather than practising on a true to life case study!

To fully prepare you for a career in Pilates, assessments should be performed using someone with little or no prior fitness knowledge so that you can demonstrate your competency to teach an effective training programme on a client of any level and ability – just like you will in the real world!

Once I have qualified, how can I be sure I am fully prepared to work in the industry?

We know that many newly qualified Pilates teachers entering the industry lack business skills which has a negative impact on their earning potential. These skills are very important and it is vital that on completion of your training, you are fully prepared to start working in the industry and are fully equipped to make your new a career a success.

That is why in addition to our extensive student support and unlimited help and advice offered to our students, we include our Career Accelerator Package as standard within our Pilates diplomas, offering you these essential tools to start your career:

  • Free music downloads created by FitProMix
  • Business start-up manual
  • Social media start-up guide
  • Directory profile

These tools provide you with a wide range of knowledge, products and services to ensure you get off to the best start and maximise your earning potential!

Within the School of Pilates, we have a range of additional specialist courses to offer to your clients:

  • Pilates with small equipment
  • Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions
  • Pre- and Post-natal exercise

The Next Step

Before committing yourself to becoming a Pilates teacher you must be confident that it is the right career choice for you. At Future Fit we believe in delivering high quality courses without cutting corners and offering quick fix qualifications!

Our Pilates diplomas give students the CONFIDENCE to teach successfully because they train and apply their knowledge over a period of time. Ask yourself:

  • Would you feel confident to teach a one-hour Pilates class to a group of people with different levels of movement ability and medical conditions after 6-8 weeks days of training?
  • Would you feel confident knowing how to adapt each of the original 34 exercises after 6-8 weeks of training?
  • Would you feel confident creating a suitable Pilates exercise programme to support a person with a specific spine shape such as kyphosis or lordosis after 6-8 weeks of training?

We provide ADDITIONAL services, products and advice once our students are qualified to really help them achieve their goal which is ultimately to teach Pilates classes. We don’t just supply the course!

We focus on providing QUALITY training and support where students talk to real tutors throughout their training period who are there to provide guidance and support.

If you’d like more information on any of the above, or have more questions you would like answered, speak to a Career Adviser now on 01329 829444 or 0800 4581388.

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