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Online Training Courses

Find the best online training courses for you that will allow you to study in your own time and at your own pace.

Our e-learning courses include:
Immersive & interactive content

Our e-learning is easy to study, comprehensive and highly effective. You'll benefit from an in-depth comprehension of our courses that will equip you throughout your career.

Immediate feedback

You will receive immediate feedback about your progress as you complete interactive online activities, test your knowledge and understanding at the end of each section.

Self-paced learning

Each module has been formatted into bite-sized lessons giving you the option to stop and start your training to suit your own time commitments.

Lifetime support

In addition to all of the support you recieve whilst you study, we will continue to support you long after you graduate with further tools, platforms and courses.

Why study online with Future Fit VS other providers?

Highly engaging experiences

Our carefully designed courses are presented in an engaging, interactive format (including videos and graphics).

Developed by in-house experts

They base the design on solid learning theory and the content on the latest standards from the Awarding Organisations, such as Transcend.

Based on industry knowledge

Our tutors and specialists are immersed in the industry and use this knowledge to actively update our online training.

Learn in your own way

Every e-learning module has been carefully written to suit a variety of learning styles with professionally written distance learning materials.

Try our e-learning demos

Below you will find short demonstrations of a course from each school that can be studied via e-learning. They have been expertly designed to ease you into your studies and we trust you will find them highly stimulating, interactive and fun!

Online Nutrition Course Demo

Take a look at a few elements of this 100% online nutrition course. Experience our behaviour change coahcing, pre and post natal nutrition and more.

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Online Personal Training Course

Explore online PT courses in advanced anatomy and physiology, exercise programming and coaching, level 4 lower back pain and more.

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Online Pilates Course Demo

The pilates course demo will take you through aspects of a range of pilates exercises and theory to give a taster of this online pilates course.

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How does online learning play a part in our courses?

Online Personal Training Courses & Pilates Courses

In our experience, we have found a blended learning approach (a mix of online and live, face-to-face sessions) offers the best in-depth form of training. You can benefit from having the flexibility to study at your own pace while still gaining the vital practical training essential for the fitness industry.

Studying for your Personal Training or Pilates qualification requires a great deal of theoretical and applied knowledge. At Future Fit, you will have access to a range of e-learning courses and virtual workshops covering the roles of a fitness professional:

  • health and safety
  • anatomy and physiology
  • exercise programming

We balance the online studying between practical workshops to give you time to reflect and act on the content. This creates a progressive learning experience that keeps you motivated on your journey to becoming a fitness professional.

Online Nutrition Courses

All of our nutrition courses and qualifications are completed online.

This allows you the flexibility to study at a time and place that suits you; a great option when combining your studies with other commitments such as work or childcare.

We invest a great deal of time and effort in ensuring our online courses are easy to use, engaging and enjoyable; we want you to love learning with us.

Our short nutrition courses are assessed by online exams, whereas our qualifications include case studies and written assignments. This ensures that you understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of nutrition and can apply the knowledge you have learnt in the real world.

How is your online learning assessed?

Our online courses are assessed in a variety of ways. Throughout the whole process, our Tutor Support team are on hand via email, telephone and our student-only Facebook groups to offer help and advice.

Parts of your online course may involve working with a real person as your client, documenting how you've applied the knowledge and the skills you've learnt on the course.

If there is a practical observation included as part of the assessment for a course, you'll need to attend this in person.

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Knowledge Tests

Part of the course involves several multiple-choice knowledge tests that are marked automatically online, giving you an instant result.

Digital Portfolio/Case Study

You may be required to compile a portfolio or case study which you submit digitally for assessment.

Practical Observation

Following your online study to help further prepare you, there may be a practical assesment (there will be guidance videos and resources available)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your personal trainer courses online?

The theoretical aspects of our personal trainer courses and gym instructor courses can be completed mostly online with our versatile e-learning system. We combine the online learning with essential practical workshops which are held on the weekends in nationwide training locations. No personal trainer qualification is truly complete without practical workshops that help you on your way to gaining your personal training certification.

You can easily tailor your study programme to fit around your life knowing that tutor support is just a phone call or email away. With our flexible start dates and locations near you, starting your new PT training career with us is easy!

What equipment will I need to study online?

You should find it very straightforward to study your e-learning. All you need is a PC, laptop or Mac, a reliable internet connection, headphones or speakers (some courses contain video), and a printer for printing resources (optional).

In order to get the best results from your e-learning, we recommend that you use a device that is less than four years old with a recent version of Windows or MacOS. We also suggest that you use Google Chrome as your default browser.

Our courses will run on smartphones and tablets. However, we strongly recommend that you use a computer or laptop as your main device for studying. Apart from the small screen on a smartphone, writing notes and case studies on a virtual keyboard can be frustrating. Also, streaming e-learning can be a drain on your battery and won’t provide an ideal viewing or learning experience.

In summary, a computer or laptop in a quiet room will enable you to get the best results from your studying.

Do you give me support for my online programmes?

Yes, our extensive Tutor Support team are on hand by phone, email and Facebook to answer any questions that you may have about your training to ensure you are always fully supported and on track.

What kind of support and resources do you provide for online programmes?

Our extensive Tutor Support team is on hand by phone, email and Facebook to answer any questions that students may have about their training to ensure they are always fully supported and on track.

In terms of resources, you will be offered the following:

  • Flexible e-learning (which includes text, images, animation, audio and video)
  • A list of recommended readings that will be a core part of your learning
  • A dedicated Tutor (who you are going to meet in person)
  • Access to our Student Zone where you find, among other resources, a section dedicated to equipment packs.
How can I fit my training around my life?

Future Fit Training offers flexible training solutions, which means we build your programme around you, your commitments, and the time you can dedicate to study. If your circumstances change, we simply re-work your training plan. Previous students have taken time out to have babies, change jobs, start work – all sorts of reasons.

Most of the theory that underpins the practical part of our courses is delivered via e-learning. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to study wherever and whenever you want. Also, we deliver the largest number of practical mat Pilates courses in the UK, so you should have plenty of course dates to choose from.

How do I know you’re the best training provider for my course?
  • We have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry
  • We were winners of the ukactive's Training Provider of the Year in 2016 & 2017
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 registered by the British Standards Institute
  • We offer you affordable and flexible payment options
  • Our flexible training format allows you to train at your own pace and in your own time
  • You will receive unlimited support throughout your training
  • Our team of experienced and highly qualified tutors make your training rewarding and fun
How long will the course take? How many hours should I study for per week?

We would ask how much time can you dedicate to your study? The more time available, the quicker you can complete your course. If you don’t have lots of time, we advise taking it step-by-step.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

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