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Future Fit Traning
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What 900+ reviews say about Future Fit Courses

Understanding which training course is right for you is a daunting task, even for the most experienced student. But it doesn’t have to be like that when you can read reviews from real students. Our courses have been reviewed by over 1,000 students on TrustPilot and 39 from Google. We have analysed all of them to see what students think of our courses and how they have used these courses for their careers.


Here are the highlights: we are going to be 100% honest and transparent, and share the best 4 and 2 least favourite things about Future Fit Training, plus the top reasons our students think you should (and should not) start enrolling in Future Fit courses.


If you’re looking for more information about our student experience by students themselves, then this is the place!


The 4 best things about Future Fit Training Courses (based on reviews from 2017 to 2024)

Ok, let’s start with the good reviews, we have noticed the following positive trends:

  1. Future Fit Training provides learners with a great basis for a career
  2. Future Fit has high-quality learning and workshops both online and face-to-face
  3. Future Fit provides great extra resources to their students to help with learning
  4. The support and tutor team at Future Fit are friendly and helpful

1. Future Fit Training provides learners with a great basis for a career

In 2024, we found that some of the most common reviews are around how Future Fit courses help students prepare for and launch their careers in the fitness and nutrition industry.


For example, in this Trustpilot review, Nigel gave Future Fit 5 stars for the depth of knowledge acquired in his PT course, which meant he felt far more prepared to enter the industry than if he’d taken a ‘qualify quick’ option:



This has been a common source of feedback amongst our students, with Julia McClelland in 2022 relaying that Future Fit enabled her transition from Nurse to PT to be a smooth one because the course content was ‘full to the brim with everything you need to know’.


At Future Fit, we believe that exams, training and assessments should reflect the industry that the learning will be entering, providing them with career-ready training to allow them to hit the ground running once they qualify.


Our training is to a highly professional standard, giving you the confidence to set up on your own, as Rebekka Willcocks (a Nutrition graduate) has done.


2. Future Fit has high-quality learning and workshops both online and face-to-face


It’s great that our courses have prepared our students to confidently turn their passion for wellness and fitness into a career. For our learners, we take pride in our courses and know that we are providing something that isn’t “off the shelf”, but something that will be engaging, innovative, and future-ready.


Dawn Locking was particularly impressed by our commitment to integrating the best methods of learning for each course, particularly the combination of theory and practical learning for courses that require in-person skills.


Another fantastic review came from Lucy, who praised the format of the online learning and the variety it offers.


Reviewers saying they would return for further training with us is another frequently occurring statement, showing the high quality of our courses.


3. Future Fit provides great extra resources to their students to help with learning

We offer more than 40 online courses and our custom-built learning platform is very highly regarded by our students. A key aspect of our courses reflected in our reviews is that we don’t cut corners when it comes to our training. We want our students to be at a level beyond industry standard when they graduate from us.


We offer our students qualifications that are recognised and accredited, as well as extra resources to allow for further study and specialization.


Another good example of providing extra resources for enhanced learning is how we adapted our training to suit learning from home while in COVID-19 lockdowns. This was commented on by Rebecca on Trustpilot, who referenced our “additional sessions” to support learning during gym closures:


4. The support and tutor team at Future Fit are friendly and helpful


When investing in a new career or gaining further training, it is important to know you are supported not just during your course, but in the sign-up process and into the future. Our reviewers frequently highlight how great our support team are, from dealing with technical issue, calming fears about assessments to rearranging deadlines.

Zoe had this to say about the support she received,


Our support staff have always been something to be proud of, with this review from Gareth Scott in 2022 stating that he loved his Personal Training course so much he went on to qualify as a Pilates Instructor with Future Fit too!


2 least favourite things about Future Fit Training (based on reviews from 2017-2024)

We are always looking to improve our courses and keep up with current teaching standards and trends. We will usually respond to negative reviews in 24 hours or less.

There are a few of the things that our students believed that we could improve on:

  1. The online portal could be improved
  2. Sometimes the information isn’t relevant

1. The online portal can be improved

We try our best to make sure our learning is accessible and user-friendly to all our students. This is especially true of our online portal and our e-learning.


To improve our student experience, we created a custom-built learning platform and moved all of our online learning to it in February 2023, we know that this will take a long time to filter through to our Trustpilot reviews but we’re already seeing promising signs that our learners are much happier with the experience it provides, such as this review from Nutrition student M C.


2. Sometimes the information is not relevant


The health, fitness and wellness industries move at a tremendous pace – with almost constant progress to the knowledge, science and technology they are based upon. Our courses are constantly reviewed and updated, but the fact that we pride ourselves on the depth of the learning we offer means that there are sometimes delays in us reaching a particular course section. Some of our students have pointed this out to us as well, such as this review from Florence B,


“Some outdated information which needs to be updated”.


future fit reviews


We think these are very valid points: we want our learners to receive best–in-class training so they can entire their chosen career as the most highly-regarded graduates. We will always work to continually update our training (and give you lifetime access to it so you can review it at any time) but we strongly encourage our learners to highlight any tiny discrepancies they find so we can prioritise changing them.


To Conclude – Is Future Fit Training For You?



We appreciate all 1,000+ reviewers over Google and Trustpilot who have left positive feedback and constructive criticism. We believe that communication between students and providers is crucial to make sure we are providing the best service now and long into the future.

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