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Top Fitness Apps For Personal Trainers

Go back ten years and most of the advice aimed at personal trainers regarding mobile devices was that they should always be put away in your locker while you were at the gym. At the time this made sense, while smart phones existed they were of little help to personal trainers.

This mentality is still present in many “old-school” personal trainers and gyms. Trainers are often told to hand out business cards, rather than enter a potential client’s number in their phones.

But like it or not, phones are becoming more and more useful and can no longer be ignored. We’ll describe the benefits of each app and describe which client this would best suit.

Our Top 5 Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers:

An App for the “Instagram Body” Client

(APP) MyFitnessPal

While most clients want to lose a bit of weight, shape up, or get fitter (their words not ours), there will always be a certain few clients who are completely serious about getting absolutely ripped. We’ll call them the Instagram body client, because that’s where they will want to show off their hard-earned physiques.

When you’re attempting to get someone down to 10% body fat (or 20% for women) you NEED to track calories and their sources. This approach will not suit every client, but it is necessary for this type of body composition training.

MyFitnessPal is the most well-known calorie counting app in existence. Usually when it comes to technology and software it is advisable to shop around, but calorie tracking apps work best when they have as many different foods tracked as possible, so the more popular the app, the more effective it is.

Teaching your client how to properly use MyFitnessPal will make your life a lot easier. You can get them to make their food diaries accessible to you remotely. Therefore, you will get daily updates on your phone whenever they finish tracking. Other features such as the ability to scan barcodes and automatically get the calories and macros tracked into your diary really help MyFitnessPal stand out.

An App for the “Athlete” Client

(APP) Coach’s Eye

You may also have clients who are much more concerned about lifting the most amount of weight possible or improving their performance generally in the gym. These clients don’t hire you to stand there and motivate them, they want you to assess and correct their form. This is something that you should excel at once you’ve graduated from your Level 3 Personal Training course.

One of the best apps out there for assessing form is Coach’s Eye. This app lets you film your clients while they perform an exercise, and then annotate the videos, and slow them down, so that your client can see what you’re talking about.

If your client tends to favour their right side while performing a Romanian deadlift, you can film them doing it, and then the app will help them to see and hopefully correct their postural issue. You can either save the video and send it to them after the session (for more in-depth analysis) or you can show them immediately after they finish.

An App for the “I just want to get fit” Client

(APP) Argus

Argus is a step counting app, and it is perfect for any client. However, it is particularly useful for people who want to improve their fitness – but are currently very unfit. Walking 10,000 steps per day has been proven time and again to help with weight management and improved cardiovascular fitness [1]. There are many step-counting apps out there, in fact MyFitnessPal has a decent step counter, but Argus is just that little bit slicker.

It also has a simple design, the software doesn’t drain your battery like some step-counting apps, and you can set up groups to challenge each other. The app is great if you have a lot of clients and want to include a little bit of competitiveness in your sessions.

An App for the “Insanity” Client

(APP) TABATA Stopwatch Pro

Some clients absolutely love high intensity workouts, regardless of what their goal is, they demand to sweat. If you think that they’re ready for some HIIT then Tabata training is a great introduction. It is perfect for fat-burning and improving cardio, however, the only issue is timing it. A traditional stopwatch app can help but having to constantly check the time every 20 seconds can prevent you from assessing your clients’ form.

A Tabata specific app is a great choice to combat this issue. It is easy to set up and you can easily keep it in your pocket while putting 100% of your concentration on your client. You can use it with your clients, where it will integrate well with their workout music, so they can enjoy their session … if that’s possible during Tabata!

An App for the “Independent” Client


This final app is a personal training specific app. In other words this app will help you manage your clients through the app. This is perfect for clients who like to work out alone as well as training with you. FitSW allows you to track your clients’ progress, log workouts, and analyse their nutrition to make changes to their diet (make sure that you do not overstep here – unless you are a registered dietician too).

So, there you have it, five fitness apps that can make a huge impact on the success of your personal training business. Seems like a good enough reason to keep your phone in your pocket and not in the locker next time you’re in the gym.