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Personal Training Get What You Pay For

Whether it is finding a pub that has a 2-4-1 cocktail hour, a huge deal on a television, or going to the supermarket with your pockets filled with coupons, bargains are amazing. But there is a difference between finding a high value item that is temporarily cheap, and saving money by using a low value item instead of a high value one.


You’ve probably seen adverts for laser eye surgery that offer the service for a price that is a fraction of the price that you would pay on Harley Street. But is it worth the risk? Imagine lying down in a back alley surgery while someone prepares to perform surgery on your eye! Suddenly the bargain might not feel so special.


It is the same with a lot of services, mechanics, dentists, sushi restaurants, and personal trainers. All examples of services that you shouldn’t mind paying that little bit extra to avoid the stress of something going wrong. Some of you might be wondering why a budget personal trainer might be on the same list as a budget dentist.


Training in the gym is a lot safer than most people believe, but it can still lead to injury if you don’t do it properly, and sadly there is no guarantee that a personal trainer who has no qualifications is going to be doing things properly. They may have been training themselves for years, but they have not learned how to teach others, how to create programs that suit the specific needs of various different clients.

Another big issue is that an unqualified personal trainer will not be able to get insurance, so if an injury does occur to a client – the client will not be able to claim against the unqualified personal trainer. You might have sympathy for the client here, but remember that they took that risk in the first place. Looking for that bargain. If you eat at a restaurant that had just failed its health and safety inspection you shouldn’t be surprised if you get food poisoning.

Differences Between a Good Personal Trainer and a Bad One

Let’s be clear here, you might get very good personal trainers who are not qualified – 30 years ago there were no qualifications for personal trainers to take! But some of the greatest trainers in history were around. You can also get bad personal trainers who have qualifications, because a personal trainer course can only get you so far. But long term, the good trainers will stay while the bad trainers leave.

There are very few bad trainers who have been in the industry for longer than 3 years, because there comes a point in time where they just can’t get away with a bad service any more. A good trainer will be constantly learning either through books, seminars, or refresher courses, and will be adapting their training style to match their newly acquired knowledge. A bad trainer will still be repeating the same thing they learned 3 years ago.

A good trainer will know how to make a client feel comfortable in a session, and will then be able to train them at a high intensity. A bad trainer will greet their client with 50 burpees and a sick bucket. A good trainer will have the knowledge to be able to adapt any program to suit the client, whereas a bad trainer will use the same program for everyone regardless of their age, limitations, fitness level, or goals.

A good trainer will be on top of their calendar, always be on time, never miss a session, and never accidentally book two people at the same time. A bad trainer will miss sessions, turn up 20 minutes late, constantly double book, and miss calls and ignore texts for clients.

Paying For Personal Training

Of course, you shouldn’t just assume that a personal trainer is automatically amazing just because they charge a fortune. A personal trainer in Central London can charge £70-100 per hour even if they are walking into their first job, whereas a fantastic and highly experienced trainer in Salford may charge just £25 because that is the average price in the area.

The correct way to go about finding a personal trainer is to look at what their clients say, try out a complimentary session with them, ask around, and then after you have made your decision you can ask how much they charge. This way you will get a better idea of what service you are receiving before you worry about the price.

Attention Personal Trainers

But what about your personal trainers? Are you making the same mistakes? Are you avoiding personal trainer courses because you want to save money? Well, that is not going to work long term for you. Insurance aside, how are you going to learn how to run your business? How are you going to learn how to train people with specific needs? Or what about marketing? What about physiology? Do you know all the muscles, joints, ligaments in the body?

If you are starting a course, is it because it is the best around? Or is it because it is the cheapest going? Do you think that completing a 2-week online course is going to sufficiently prepare you for one of the most challenging jobs there is? Give yourself the best chance of success possible and start your fitness career with one of our award-winning personal training diplomas.