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Barry’s Bootcamp, Manchester

What are the best gyms in Manchester?

With the global fitness trend encouraging everyone to pursue a healthier lifestyle, it is no surprise that people in the UK, especially Manchester, are not excluded. The vibrant fitness scene in Manchester matches the city’s energetic spirit, and everyone is on the prowl for the best gyms and fitness centres. Besides, different factors, like regime, taste, and budget, will determine which gym is your preferred option.

However, whether you are a seasoned gym enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the fitness world, Manchester has something for everyone. In this article, we have carefully curated a list featuring regular gym centres, women’s spaces, yoga gyms, and more – each offering a unique blend of state-of-the-art facilities, expert trainers, and a friendly atmosphere that will make every workout feel like a step towards your personal fitness goals.

So, let’s get right to it.

1.  Barry’s Bootcamp, Manchester

Barry’s Bootcamp, Manchester

Barry’s Bootcamp, a US-born fitness franchise, landed in Manchester in 2018. This franchise, known for its high-energy workout experience, did not disappoint in bringing its unique expertise to Manchester. Their signature ‘Red Room’ boasts of low lights, loud music, and enthusiastic instructors. Plus, they are always ready to guide people through a mix of treadmill sprints, weights, and functional movements.

Barry’s Bootcamp Manchester also offers luxurious changing rooms and a fuel bar for post-workout recovery.

However, premium experience comes at a price, with memberships starting at £178 for 30 days, or for 12-day passes or a £20 drop-in option. Despite the perceived luxury cost, Barry’s Bootcamp remains a sought-after choice for those craving an intense workout in a lively atmosphere.

2.  Federation Gym

federation gym manchester

Despite being new to the fitness scene, Federation Gym is a treat for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and weightlifting fans. More than just a gym, it’s a luxury fitness spot with top-notch equipment, workshops, meal prep, and even a posing room. It’s not just about looks; Federation Gym draws in everyone from pros to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

3.  Corner HQ

Corner HQ, just next to Mayfield Park, is not your average boxing gym – it’s also the home base for Corner, a cool boxing tech company. In their classes, they use tech wrist gadgets to turn your punches into a friendly competition on a leaderboard. The gym has it all – a boxing ring, bags, weights, indoor and outdoor workout spots, plus changing rooms. Apart from classes, you can hop in for a sparring session on Sundays or use their app for on-the-go workouts.

4.  Hero Training Clubs

Hero Training Clubs in Manchester is an all-in-one fitness destination with four distinct studios catering to diverse preferences. Whether you crave an intense cardio session, boxing classes, small gym group PT sessions for strength training, or a serene space to reset, Hero has it all.

Hero also boasts of having some of Manchester’s best gym facilities, including numerous squat racks and a wellness hub. This gym goes beyond intense workout sessions and offers health assessments, physiotherapy, sports massages, and counselling options. Memberships start at £60 monthly, with a 30-day trial for £30 and a 12-month unlimited plan at £109.

5.  F45 Training

F45, which originated in Australia, currently has over 1,000 studios worldwide. This gym prides itself as the most innovative fitness gym in the world. Its 45-minute sessions blend cardio and HIIT workouts for an intense and enjoyable experience.

Their global gyms focus on circuit training and HIIT to provide efficient, engaging workouts, targeting overall fitness improvement. A two-week trial costs £49, drop-ins are £22, and 10 classes cost £175.

6.  JD Gyms

jd gysm manchester

JD Gyms are rapidly growing nationwide and stand out for affordability and comprehensive offerings. The Manchester City branch offers over 300 monthly classes, a sauna, free weights, sprint track, boot camps, boxing, and personal trainers.

With memberships starting at £21.99 per month, JD Gyms provides budget-friendly options, including classes and offers both off-peak and peak choices.

7.  Trib3

TRIB3, a cutting-edge fitness studio in Manchester, redefines HIIT workouts with assault bikes and focused classes on the upper body, core, and lower body. Each studio is divided into treadmill, resistance, and intensity zones. With two gyms in Manchester city centre, it’s a popular choice among the locals.

Membership options include an unlimited plan at £79/month and a 12-month option for £59. TRIB3 goes beyond traditional workouts, combining fully-tracked heart-rate monitors, studio displays, and a custom shake bar for a fascinating fitness journey.

8.  Life Centre North

The Life Centre North is a hot spot for yoga workouts in Manchester. Located in Deansgate, Manchester, it offers a unique retreat from the hustle of daily life with 30 studio-based yoga classes weekly. With Manchester’s most diverse programme led by top instructors, choose from hot, rocket, Ashtanga, or Yin sessions.

It is one of the more affordable options. Newcomers can enjoy their first class for £1 and access 21 days of unlimited studio classes for £35. The Life Centre is a serene space to reconnect and boost your practice with courses, workshops, and retreats for both beginners and experienced yogis.

9.  Blok

BLOK Manchester, housed in the historic Ducie Street Warehouse, is more than a gym. It’s a stylish fitness hub with three studios that cater to diverse preferences and offer everything from yoga to high-tempo boxing. The top-notch changing rooms and friendly atmosphere add to its allure.

Since opening in 2018, BLOK has offered everything from strength training to meditation. Unlimited membership is £205/month, but there are also budget-friendly packs for set classes, such as £65 for 5 classes.


10. Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health Gym in Manchester is not your average spot. It is a luxury gym in the city centre where you can access a swimming pool, personal trainers, and other facilities and services for £54/month (or £46 off-peak).

This gym is part of Nuffield Health, and you can access membership to the Nuffield Health network of hospitals and medical centres, offering a broader range of health services. At the Printworks gym, you can use the functional training area, sauna, steam rooms, and even swimming lessons to build and maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle. It’s a full-service health and fitness destination in the heart of Manchester.

11. V1BE

V1BE is part of the nationwide Lifestyle Fitness chain. It stands out in Manchester with its cardio-focused workouts, which display your heart rate on a big screen. Their amazing classes, like Ign1te, Str1ke, Adrenal1ne, and Bott1e, cater to diverse fitness preferences.

Memberships start at £15 for the Newbie pack, and you can access a pack of 10 classes for £99. V1BE’s industrial, neon-lit design and edgy class concept offer a dynamic and competitive workout experience. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking high-impact classes and independent training with cardio equipment, functional training, and free weights on the gym floor.

12. Fierce Fit

Fierce Fit is on a mission to impact women’s lives positively by boosting confidence through personalized fitness training. The trainers at Fierce Fit embody confidence and pride to foster a supportive community where strong women work together to redefine goals and push limits.

You can access Fierce Packages with group classes starting at £20 per month or a full membership for £149. Whether surpassing personal bests or helping others do the same, Fierce Fit is an active space where women embrace confidence, push boundaries, and succeed together.