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Developing The Right Mindset

Completing your personal trainer course is just the beginning of your epic journey. The Personal Training courses and Diplomas Future Fit Training offer, will give you a great head start in your new career.

However, to become a truly successful Personal Trainer you will need a bit more. Develop the right mindset which will help you to turn skills gained on your personal trainer course into successful Personal Training business.

Developing the right mindset.

Be patient and persistent

Perhaps patience and persistence are the number one traits of successful sportsmen and businessmen. A lot of new personal trainers give up on their dream of building a profitable and sustainable PT business too early. You won’t conquer the world of fitness in three or four months. No one did. Don’t expect rapid results straight away – the road to success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Being patient and persistent will allow you to fulfil your potential. Give yourself some time and accept the fact you may need many months or years to be where you want to be. You will be surprised to see how much you’ve achieved in a few years of consistent work.

Be ready to fail

During you career you will encounter some pitfalls. Not everything will go as planned and not all ideas will produce the desired outcome.

Don’t take any fails personally. Instead, treat them as a learning process. Accept them as a part of your journey. The ability to recover after the failure, learning from it and moving forward separates successful people from the rest.

Develop a business mind

To become a truly successful personal trainer you need to gain business skills. Even more importantly, you need to see fitness from the business perspective. Personal training is a great, fulfilling career and a great business opportunity at the same time. Seeing it that way will make you enjoy it and at the same time will earn you a decent living.

Develop a strong work ethic

It doesn’t matter if you are self-employed or working for a health club. If you want to be taken seriously by your employers or clients, you need to show your ability to work hard. Work ethic is a form of attitude you have towards your work. Integrity, sense of responsibility and focus on quality of your work won’t go unnoticed.

Stay focused

You know the saying – scattered focus, scattered results. Your ability to focus on what is important increases your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. It is crucial that you focus only on things directly related to your goals. To achieve it you have to know what isn’t taking you closer to your goal and avoid it.

Become assertive

During your PT career you will be meeting clients, other business owners, negotiating deals with them, reaching agreements and perhaps even employing people at some point. You can’t be afraid of having difficult conversations with any of your staff or business partners.

Being assertive is the key. You need to be able to stand up for yourself and make the best decisions affecting your business or career.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Even the smartest of people ask for help from time to time. There is no shame in that. Why would you struggle with some challenges on your own when plenty of help is available?

Course providers, like Future Fit, provide lots of excellent support. However, it is up to you to utilise all the help offered to you. Refusing help is not a sign of strength.

The most successful people admit to having a mentor at some point. Find someone with superior business experience (he/she doesn’t have to come from a fitness world) and let them guide you. You may be able to find a mentor among your family members, friends or coaches.

Don’t be afraid of success

It’s a rather strange fact, but a lot of people are afraid of success. That fear may be as strong as the fear of failure. It may have unwanted paralysing effects, preventing you from reaching your true potential.

The fear of success is subconscious and for most of the time means we are afraid of change and moving out of our comfort zone. Being human beings, we are comfortable with our lives, even if deep down we know we deserve better.

Being successful means taking on much more responsibilities. Successful people face more criticism and their actions come under severe scrutiny. You can’t avoid it, so accept it.


You can’t become truly successful without the right mindset. Work on self-development – it’s not as time-consuming as you may think. There is a lot of help around – online resources are almost limitless.

Guest Blogger: Tom Jankowski