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Brilliant Business Books Personal Trainers MUST Read (2022)

Count down the top 5 best ways you can grow your knowledge and, in turn, your personal training business through books, podcasts, training, and much more.

You’ll find many shortcuts to success by turning the right pages.

Since the fitness industry is once again being forced to step aside and close its doors for another national Lockdown, it has left a few feeling deflated.

Don’t despair! This is also a blessing in disguise.

How is it a blessing?

Well, this next month will give you plenty of time to bolster your business plans for 2021!

It’s common for a lot of PT’s to wing it, and while this isn’t always a terrible thing, it leaves a lot of potential business on the cutting room floor.

By reading the books in this list (and also the bonus suggestions in other media too), you’ll take your level of service far beyond where it currently is.

This will result in more business.

Not just in regard to face to face training either, you’ll find you can increase your passive income (money made consistently from other products your offer – digital for example).

I will also be sharing one lesson from each book that I applied to my own business, why I choose that one specifically & how it helped boost my profits.

(Read on to find out our countdown of the top recommendations for books and media to boost your personal training business in 2021)

This blog includes:


5. Top 5 Business Books for PTs

All of the following are great books that will change the way you
think, and here is a lesson and its application from each (in the order as


1 – How to Win Friends and Influence People

(Dale Carnegie)

Remember a person’s name & what’s important

Getting a name right is crucial, plus remembering what it is they enjoy most and value is even more important as it helps you build rapport, trust and a good reputation. I carried a notebook to jot down all of the above.


2 – The One Minute Manager

(Spencer and Blanchard)

It’s not the person, it’s their behaviour

Ensure the person knows they are not ‘bad’, they merely opted for a less than useful behaviour. This is easily sorted as all they need to is address what it is, why it happened, how changing it will benefit them and apply this.


3 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

(Stephen Covey)

Paradigm Shifts

While it is important to help our clients see things differently, we must also accept that we need to shift our own perspectives as well. I personally did this by having a peer or mentor to speak to. It also helped keep a reflections diary whereby I could review my thoughts and adjust my actions/behaviours accordingly.


4 – Successful NLP

(Jeremy Lazarus)

There’s no failure, only feedback

A classic NLP term, and one that really helped in business as each time a person didn’t take the service that was being offered it meant I hadn’t shown the service to be of enough value (benefit) to them. Learn to ask questions when you are rejected on a sale, it’ll help you overcome the fear of it. 


5 -This Is Marketing

(Seth Godin)

Emotion drives people’s purchases

Like it or not we’re emotional creatures and
more often than not we buy with our hearts instead of our heads, especially
when a product or service strikes an emotional chord.

In your marketing you’d do well to follow this set-up:

Problem > Unwanted Emotional Reaction > Solution > Desired Emotional Outcome

This will be of great use in both face to face and online marketing, you’ll know how to convey how to help them based on what they need.


Bonus Book – The Book of 5 Rings

(Miyamoto Musashi)

Think lightly of yourself & deeply of the world


In fitness, it’s common to see a lot of posturing and ego flexes.

Just keep it to a minimal thing so that you don’t lose the impact of “Wow”

Seek to learn about the deep reasons why people wish for change, it’ll be worth it.



4. Top 4 Business Podcasts for PT’s

The top 4 business podcasts for personal trainers are: 


The Strength Coach Podcast; Business of Fitness Segment – Alwyn Cosgrove 

The Tim Ferriss Show

Business of Fitness with Jason Khalipa 

Masters in Fitness Business


There have been many lessons learned from these, I will list below the three that have been long-standing staples (two from Results Fitness University & one from Tim Ferris).

  1. TOMA – Top of mind awareness, if you’re not the first PT someone thinks of, why not?
  2. What can you do differently, no really, what can you do that no one else can?
  3. It’s better to work 4 hours a week for $50,000 per year than 100 hours p/week for £100,000.

The first lesson is a simple one, be the first person everyone thinks of. I did this by always being in the gym at not only peak times but also the unsociable ones as well.


Next is all about doing what you do in the way you uniquely do it, for me it was kettlebells & high-quality pad work (seriously most PT’s can’t hold pads for toffee, it hurts my soul watching them).

Last was focused on how I’d rather charge a higher fee and work fewer hours, than charge less to only end up needing to work more to bring in the same revenue. Many are scared of charging what they’re worth, as a rule, don’t go for less than £45 per hour, trust me, you’re worth at least that when you’re good.

3. The Top 3 YouTube Business Videos for PTs

The top 3 YouTube business videos for personal trainers are:

  • Jim Wendler – Strength Training Business Model
  • Mark Coles – Marketing Your Personal Training Business in 2017
  • The NASM-CPT – Keys to Building a Successful Personal Training Business

Each of these lasts between 30-45min, while short they are filled with high quality info that will really help you break through some business plateaus.

In addition to that, you’ll also find the algorithm from watching these bring up plenty more for you.


The biggest lesson I got from the above has to go to Jim; he did a lot for FREE (yep that wasn’t a typo) all for the love of fitness and sharing information.

As a result, his name became well known and then upon him writing 5-3-1 (a book worth getting) the following he’d amassed across the world in fitness allowed him to give up his full-time job and pursue even more fitness writing and in his own words “more freedom.”

To me, he is the perfect example of someone who created the perfect form of passive income.

Just remember he started off doing it all for free and the love of fitness, admittedly I’m bias towards this attitude because it’s the same as my own so when I first listened to this I knew exactly what he was talking about on a personal level.

Do it for the love, keep doing it for the happy little by-product you get (££££).


2. The Top 2 Online Fitness Business Resources for PTs

The top 2 online fitness business resources for personal trainers are:

Dave Tate (owner/founder of E-FTS) has endless amounts of articles on the site covering business, training, nutrition, completion prep and much more, plus it’s all there at the behest of your search bar. You’ll find if you’re ever stuck for inspiration a quick visit to that site will have you reinvigorated fast.

Jonathan Goodman (created of the PTDC) has serval great books of his own on there specifically written for fitness businesses, I’d highly suggest reading ‘Ignite the Fire’ it’s brilliant (plus you can find endless articles in the blog/archive section that will provide plenty of mental fuel for your business).

1. The Top Fitness Education Provider for PT’s

(It’s us, Future Fit)

You’ll find we have an extensive range of courses covering the nuanced elements of business itself ‘Building Your Fitness Business’ and highly detailed Level 4 qualifications that will take you into specialist fields such as ‘Lower Back Pain’ and so much more.

We aim to provide the highest level of education and work closely with CIMSPA so that we’re at the forefront of fitness education developments.

In addition to that, we have a dedicated online earning platform just for you called the ProZone.


We have a Facebook group for this as well to give you a little taster of what content you’ll find in the main ProZone, be sure to add yourself to that group, we’d love to have you there.

To Conclude


With so much knowledge only a click away, there has never been a better time to push yourself and your business. Use this opportunity as a time to reset, get educated, and learn how you too can develop your business into a world-wide brand. The more time you invest in your research, the more you’ll get out in returns.)

Take care & stay safe,
Future Fit

Find out more about our CPD courses to keep you and your business growing in 2022 and beyond.


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