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Raising the Bar 2018

The active leisure industry is ready for change, willing to support the Government’s drive towards a healthier nation and determined to raise the standard of skills across the workforce.

Raising the Bar is an annual review of the physical activity workforce, training and development landscape, undertaken by Future Fit Training and supported by ukactive. Each year this process provides an opportunity for operators and experts across the industry to share their expertise and experience regarding the current state of their front-line workforce, identifying areas where they excel and where the industry should turn its focus next to support their ongoing professionalisation.

Each year, more and more people across the UK trust personal trainers and fitness professionals to help them improve their lives. While the individuals in the industry are doing their best, helping to combat the rise of obesity and illnesses related to increasingly sedentary lifestyles amongst the UK population, there are areas that professionals across the industry are missing.

From providing quality support to disabled people to covering skills gaps related to business, behaviour change and socials skills and technology, the Raising the Bar report has highlighted concerns across the health and fitness industry.

Additionally, ongoing concerns about our collective ability to engage with children have been highlighted. In a year where the UK government has reaffirmed their commitment to tackling the growing issue of childhood obesity, the report has indicated that over half of the organisations who responded are committed to increasing childhood engagement in sports and physical activity.

The report has shown that there are ongoing concerns that need to be addressed to make sure that the health and fitness industry is meeting the needs of the UK population and is ready to move towards a healthier, brighter future for the next generation. Going forward, Future Fit Training, CIMSPA and ukactive are committed to charting a tangible change in the industry to improve the professionalism and skills of the health and fitness workforce.


Key findings this year:




of respondents believe the CIMSPA professional standards for fitness will have a positive impact on raising the quality of Personal Trainers entering the industry



of respondents think that working with disabled people should be included as standard in the Personal Trainer qualification rather than being an optional study route



of employers have to provide some additional training to fitness staff to ensure they are work ready




of respondents said that candidates are entering the sector with unrealistic expectations; this posed a recurring issue when looking to recruit high-quality staff



of respondents think that most exercise professionals are not adequately trained to work with disabled people



of employers believe that personal training qualifications and assessments should take no less than six months to be completed

Raising the Bar 2018


In partnership with ukactive and with support from CIMSPA.