Anthony Crozier

"I wouldn`t say I’ve had a `greatest achievement` moment as such. However, I’ve progressed through my career increasing my knowledge to avoid standing still. I set myself realistic goals and thus far have kept progressing towards where I want to be."
"The best piece of advice I've received is to enjoy your job – you spend most of your life working, so you should at least get some satisfaction from it!"

Anthony has been actively working in the fitness industry since the age of 20 and has progressed to work in both the public and private sectors, combining his love of exercise with exercise referral work.

Experience and expertise

  • Worked in gyms for many years as a gym instructor and personal trainer
  • Experience in both the public and private sectors including specialist lifestyle adviser for a local exercise referral scheme with the NHS.  This involves exercise prescription for groups and on a one to one basis including cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation, neurological disorders, fall prevention and metabolic diseases
  • Delivers exercise on a freelance basis to patient groups
  • Anthony teaches and assesses the Gym Instructor and Exercise Referral for Health Management courses and is Product Specialist for Exercise Referral. He also offers technical support to students
  • Anthony has worked for Future Fit Training since 2011

What is your specialist area?

My specialist area is Exercise Referral for Health Management - the rewards are massive, especially with the elderly as they improve their quality of life through being more active.

What is your ethos?

Whilst a high level of theory and knowledge is required to work with high risk medical conditions, I like to see instructors use their imaginations when they teach and plan exercise. Groups and individual classes need to be interesting, motivating and fitting for the clientele and the environment they are teaching in and, most importantly, they need to be functional. In reality suspension equipment, Swiss balls, wobble boards and so on are not my idea of functional exercise and have no correlation to activities for daily living for these groups. Think outside the box and you will be able to mimic movement patterns that can improve your client’s quality of life – health is the key in this setting, fitness is secondary!

Tell us something personal about yourself

`What goes around comes around!`