Feeling Ninja about Future Fit Level 3 PT course

This weekend I’ll be back in the Future Fit classroom mugging up on all my Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma course notes...

School Of Personal Training Posted Mar 22, 2017 Future Fit Training

... before heading back into the gym for more practical training with my fellow students - Jak, Geraldine, Steve, Sam, Amy, Amelia and Kelly.

I’m absolutely ready for this next stage of my studies and have loved the Level 3 course materials. Strangely, I’ve found it easier than the Level 2.  Can’t explain why. Maybe I’m just more in the zone now, maybe passing Level 2 has given me a confidence boost.  Or maybe because I’ve put my Level 2 experience into my work at my brandnew HC Fit Ninja Training gym in Liverpool which officially opened on March 18th. The skills and sequencing we learned for Level 2 has made the training there really smooth. No doubt about it, my Future Fit Training is falling into place nicely, helping me build my client base and run my new gym venture with confidence.

So, as I prepare to head down to London to train with the group, I’m finishing off my home studies so I can use the classroom time to revise and consolidate my knowledge. It’ll be great to see the others again - we had a great dynamic for our Level 2 so hoping we can pull it all together again for Level 3.

My actual exam isn’t until May 13th but that’ll come around soon enough. Til then, I’ll keep learning as much as I can, enjoy putting it all into practice at HC Fit Ninja Training and get cracking on my case study that I’ll need to start after the practical weekend session and present at final assessment. 

Meanwhile, my role as mentor for @DameKellysTrust is keeping me busy too and have just started with a new project this week.  It’s a juggle but I’m fitting it all in and keeping focused. I’m sure some of the confidence and comms skills I’m learning with Future Fit are helping here too. 

Fitting in my own training is a challenge but having my own gym makes it easier to knock out some quick routines when I have a break in the day. Oh yes, I’ve also decided to enter the Ninja Warrior UK competition and am working towards the June audition.  I’m prepping some clients for it too so just made sense to get alongside them, see it the way they see it and bring all that PT experience and feedback into my Future Fit studies for good measure.

Wish me luck!