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Core Training

Build on your skill set and get to the Core of Fitness with a CPD Accreditation in Core Training.

Train with Future Fit, together with all the support and industry expertise you need to help your fitness career take flight. Invest into your own training, to stand out from the crowd with advanced knowledge.

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Course Overview

This is a 1-day practical workshop.

The core muscles lie deep within the body and are the foundation for all movement. Fitness professionals need to understand the functions of these muscles and how to train clients to exercise them properly to prevent injury and improve exercise performance.

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This workshop provides you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to prescribe safe, effective and challenging core exercises for your clients across a wide range of needs and abilities.

What's Included in the Core Training Course


This core Training CPD course is taught through a 1-day practical. Find out more information in the Location & Dates Tab.

Content covered

  • Anatomy and kinesiology of the torso
  • Exercise and its role in muscle balance and posture
  • Core strength and stability exercises and their practical application
  • Techniques for developing a client’s body awareness
  • Techniques of adaptation and progression in core training
  • The use of equipment such as gym/stability balls, benches and steps


There is no assessment for this workshop.

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Why study this core training course?

Studying this core training course will help you have a better understanding of helping people develop core stability and core strength. You will find out the best ways to incorporate core training into your client’s workouts to provide them with a valuable and enjoyable session.

As a fitness coach or instructor, having a good understanding of core strength is fundamental to all clients or group classes, having this knowledge will teach you how to ensure your clients are using their core strength and stability where they can. Having good core stability and strength can improve other factors such as exercise form and mobility, therefore this is valuable to all clients as a trainer.

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