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Face-to-Face Practical Workshops

No training for a health and fitness professional would be complete without an element of face-to-face practical experience.

Our practical workshops include:
Expert coaching and training

All of our tutors hold active roles as instructors, trainers and teachers in the fitness industry.

Hands-on practical learning

You'll be in the gym or studio, getting to grips with exercise technique, coaching skills, fitness test protocols and more.

Clear goals and objectives

We will give you clear goals for the workshop so you can meet and exceed them.

Access to key resources

Prior to your practical workshop you will be able to download resources to refer to on the day.

Why are practical training courses so important?

You learn from the experts

While online training courses are fantastic, there are things you need to DO under the guidance of an experienced tutor to learn effectively.

Put your skills to the test

Practical training will push you to understand and overcome the challenges faced by real people, truly testing your skills for a career in fitness.

You're working with real people

We work in a people industry, so it’s essential you spend time in a real, live environment as part of your learning journey.

Hit the ground running

You'll qualify with a wealth of practical experience, so you can go into the gym or studio and hit the ground running when you embark on your career.

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What to expect when you attend a Future Fit workshop?

On arrival, you’ll be greeted by your tutor and get to know your fellow classmates. Then, having covered the theory aspects of your course through the online training, you’ll get straight into the practical activities.

You’ll be working in pairs, small groups or as a whole class to apply your knowledge and learn from both the tutor and each other, gaining feedback to help you develop.

Reflective practice is a big part of the journey with Future Fit, and you’ll be encouraged to really think about what you’ve seen, heard and done, and how you could improve.

How will your practical skills be assessed?

On some of our courses there are practical assessments, completed either on the day of the workshop or a few weeks later.

These practical assessments are key parts of not only passing your qualification but also in developing a greater understanding of your skills, strengths and weaknesses.

During your assessments, the assessor will be looking for sound technique and demonstration of your coaching skills.

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Portfolio and Programme Development

In some instances, your practical training will be based on a previously created portfolio and programme that you have developed for a real life client.

Exercise and Class Instruction

On workshops such as Complete Kettlebell Trainer and Circuit Training, you’ll need to perform and coach specific exercises, or instruct a full class.

Dedicated Assessment Days

For the Personal Trainer, Pilates or Exercise Referral courses, you will deliver a training session to a client or group exactly as you would do in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point in my training can I start teaching classes?

While you are training you can get student insurance from a company called Balens in order to teach, but you must declare that you are in training and charge a lower rate than you would if you were a fully qualified Pilates Instructor. You will, of course, need a proof of training letter from us in order to do this, and it will also be subject to eligibility criteria.

Can I take a break from my training if I need to?

Many of our students complete a module then choose to take a study break before continuing to the next one.

If there comes a time when you feel you need a break in your studies this can be arranged by contacting our team of Training Coordinators on the numbers at the top of this page, who will be able to guide you through your options.

(Please note that extension or deferral fees may be applicable and if you are paying by instalments these must still be paid as agreed).

Do I need any work experience or prior knowledge before starting my course?

No prior knowledge or work experience is needed to study any of our courses.

How can I compare courses and prices?

Comparing courses and prices can help you understand exactly what you’re looking for and what features are important to you. Check out our Top 7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Training Provider.

You can also compare courses & pricing by looking out for the following criteria:

We have created a comprehensive checklist with 130 comparison points to help you get your research done quickly, focus on criteria that matter the most, and hit your career goals (without stress).

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How long do personal training courses take?

The average time to complete a combined a level 2 gym instructor + level 3 personal training course is around 12 to 18 months.

If you are already qualified at Level 2, the time for the level 3 course by itself is likely closer to 8-14 months.

How old do I have to be to take a course with you?

Anyone from the age of 16 can enrol and complete any of our non-practical e-learning courses. Practical courses can only be attended on or after your 18th birthday but can be enrolled on and booked in advance of this.

Many gyms will accept applicants of 16 years of age, but be aware that if you are planning to work outside of clubs or leisure centres as a Personal Trainer, an Exercise to Music Instructor or a Pilates Teacher, you may not be eligible for the required insurance until you are 18 years old or over.

For more information on course entry requirements and admissions please contact one of our Careers Advisers who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Will my course be professionally recognised?

Our nutrition courses are certified by the Association for Nutrition, the professional association that defines the standards for the training, practice and continuing professional development of nutrition professionals.

Our Nutrition and Weight Management course is endorsed by VTCT.

All of our courses are recognised by CIMSPA and the Register of Exercise Professionals and carry CPD points for those who are registered with these organisations.

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