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The UK's most industry-recognised personal training courses from an Award-Winning Provider

Become a CIMSPA recognised Personal Trainer with our personal training courses. With a mix of online learning and practical workshops, you will join the fitness elite and enter into the fitness industry with confidence and a guarantee of interviews with leading health & fitness operators.

With over 25 years’ experience delivering the highest-level Personal Training qualifications, our graduates are the preferred choice for most of the leading, nationwide gym and health club chains. As ukactive's National Training Provider of the Year (for two consecutive years), we can safely say that we offer the best personal trainer courses in the UK with 1,000s of satisfied customers to prove it.

Stand out from the crowd with our personal training certification and start your career in the fitness industry.

Our Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer Courses

For those looking to become a fitness instructor or as a starting point for a personal training qualification, our Level 2 Gym Instructor course is the perfect place to start. To become a certified personal trainer, explore our highly respected industry-recognised Level 3 and 4 personal trainer courses.

Level 2

Gym Instructor Course

Ideal for beginners training to become a gym instructor or as a starting point for a Personal Training qualification.

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Course
  • Functional Movement Training
  • Circuit Training

Level 3

Complete Personal Trainer Diploma

Our most popular Diploma - Ideal for anyone who wants to become a fully-qualified and accredited personal trainer.

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Course
  • Functional Movement Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Advanced Resistance Training
  • Behaviour Change Coaching
  • Building Your Fitness Business
  • Core Training
  • Exercise for Fat Loss
  • Career Accelerator Package
  • Guaranteed Interviews

Level 4

Total Immersion Personal Training Course

The most robust Personal Training course in the UK. Gain the highest industry status and outperform your competitors.

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Course
  • Functional Movement Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Advanced Resistance Training
  • Behaviour Change Coaching
  • Building Your Fitness Business
  • Core Training
  • Exercise for Fat Loss
  • Functional Training Specialist
  • Nutrition for Sport & Exercise Specialist
  • Pre- & Postnatal Specialist
  • Level 4 Exercise Specialist inc. Low Back Pain
  • Career Accelerator Package
  • Guaranteed Interviews

Are your personal trainer courses online?

The theoretical aspects of our personal trainer courses and gym instructor courses can be completed mostly online with our versatile e-learning system. We combine the online learning with essential practical workshops which are held on the weekends in nationwide training locations. No personal trainer qualification is truly complete without practical workshops that help you on your way to gaining your personal training certification.

You can easily tailor your study programme to fit around your life knowing that tutor support is just a phone call or email away. With our flexible start dates and locations near you, starting your new PT training career with us is easy!

Want to know more about our fitness qualifications?

Contact us to find a training location near you and talk to our specialist career advisers about this month's special offers on our personal training qualifications and courses. Click on the links below for more details of each diploma.

Online Personal Training Course Modules

Looking for something more varied?

Combine Personal Training, Nutrition and Pilates qualifications for a multidisciplinary course.

Merged Diplomas

Our Online Personal Training CPD Courses

We understand that Personal Training is more than just a qualification, it's a career and a skill for life. With a variety of practical and online personal trainer courses, you can continue to learn and gain valuable CIMSPA points to stay at the top of your game and build your client list.

Behavioural Change Coaching

The Formula 4 Change system, is a course developed by Future Fit Training, which will enable you to easily assess clients, choose the right strategies and techniques to facilitate positive behaviour changes.

View CPD Course

Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist

You will be able to assess, design, deliver, monitor and evaluate exercise sessions that will be critical to the recovery of clients with low back pain. This Level 4 training course is the most in-depth of its kind.

View CPD Course

Complete Kettlebell Trainer Course

Add Kettlebell training to your portfolio of skills as a personal trainer and gain a competitive edge over other instructors. You will develop the skillset to teach them how to use kettlebells safely and effectively.

View CPD Course

Indoor Cycling 

Calling all cycling enthusiasts, our indoor cycling course has been designed and developed by leading fitness professions to offer you the knowledge required to plan and teach exciting and intense indoor cycling classes.

View CPD Course

Business & Marketing Skills for PTs

Learn how to use promotional tools to your advantage to gain and retain clients using effective sales techniques, as well as advicing on key business administration regarding tax and data protection requirements.

View CPD Course

Suspension Exercise Trainer 

Suspended equipment training is fast becoming an essential skill to have. Being qualified in its use will give you a huge advantage and highly sought after by fitness managers.

View CPD Course

Advanced Resistance Training 

Study the advanced techniques of resistance training and increase your knowledge and ability to produce satisfied clients. Resistance training is now an important aspect of all health and fitness programmes.

View CPD Course

Core Training

The core muscles lie deep within the body and are the foundation for all movement. Fitness professionals need to understand the functions of these muscles and how to train clients to exercise them properly to prevent injury and improve exercise performance.

View CPD Course

GP Exercise Referral Course

This workshop will significantly increase your earning potential as a fitness professional. Qualify to accept GP referrals and offer a specialist service, this CPD certification will give you the edge over your competitors.

View CPD Course

Motivational Communication

Learn some effective motivational communication techniques for positive behaviour change. You will learn how to use motivational interviewing techniques to communicate with clients.

View CPD Course

Circuit Training 

Circuit training is an effective way of training individuals or groups to improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Structure sessions that can be adapted for clients, through classes at home, in a studio or other venue.

View CPD Course

Exercise for Fat Loss 

Learn how to create effective exercise programmes that will safely optimise your clients' fat loss using the latest guidelines and scientific evidence, backed with an accredited CPD certification from Future Fit Training.

View CPD Course

Are you looking for a course near you?

With over 40 locations in the UK, you can find a personal trainer course near you.

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Learn how to become a Personal Trainer: 8 steps guide

Becoming a Personal Trainer is easier than you think. Follow our 8 simple yet comprehensive steps that will take you through the entire journey and you can’t go wrong.

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Personal Training Careers

As more and more people seek to reap the amazing benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, Personal Trainers and fitness instructors are in ever-growing demand.

Our Personal Training Courses allows you to start fresh with a new career in fitness and you'll receive an internationally recognised certificate, which means you can work anywhere in the world.

How do I get started?

After you have filled the Price Guide form with your data (we will never send you any spam and you can unsubscribe anytime), you can get a free quote from our professional Career Advisers without any obligation. Once you have completed the purchase, our student support will contact you to book you a place for your course and assist you during your journey with us.

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

There’s a lot to consider, and you’re bound to have some questions. We’d love to hear from you, but you might just find the answer here.

What qualifications do you need to become a Personal Trainer?

To become a Personal Trainer you need an accredited and recognised qualification such as:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma. This qualification will give you everything you need to become a successful personal trainer.
  • Level 4 Total Immersion Personal Trainer Diploma. A higher level qualification that will set you apart and allow you to specialise and increase your personal trainer salary.

To become a fitness instructor or gym instructor you would need a qualification such as:

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Course. This course is your starting point within the fitness industry and from where you can continue to develop your career as a personal trainer.
Who awards this personal trainer diploma course?

The qualification you’ll receive at the end of your course will be awarded by Transcend. Transcend Awards are proud to be recognised by Ofqual as a regulated and industry specialist awarding organisation. Our courses are also fully CIMSPA approved.

Future Fit Training were the CPD launch partners with CIMSPA. Being CIMSPA certified means you will work in a respected industry, where standards are regulated, and your qualifications are valued.

Are your qualifications internationally recognised?

Our Level 3 Complete Personal Training Diploma and Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma qualifications are recognised by employers internationally and students can also work abroad with REPs and EREPs recognition.

The International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) is a partnership between the various registration bodies which means qualifications gained in those countries are transferable and recognised: UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Canada.

How long does it take to complete a personal trainer diploma?

It is difficult to give a definitive answer because every student is different. Some students are able to study full-time, some can commit 16 hours per week – others only 6-8 hours. You may want to mix intensive periods of study with ‘rest’ periods to fit around work and family commitments.

Also, you may be happy to attend courses in any location, giving you a greater choice of courses dates, while others may not. This is why we like to spend time designing your training plan with you before you enrol with us so that it fits around your commitments and the time you can dedicate to study.

Can I complete the Level 3 Personal Training Diploma in 6 weeks?

No. We do not offer short courses. Our graduates are recognised as being the best in the industry because we prepare students to do more than just pass a qualification. However, students can also set their own training hours and they will be qualified to work in the industry as soon as they successfully pass each module/assessment. For Level 2 Gym Instructor Course, students normally take three months, including home study and practical elements. For Level 3 Personal Training Diploma, most students take up to 6 months to fully qualify and then they are ready to charge £30/hour. We will continue to upskill them for another 6 months. This diploma also includes home study and practical weekends to attend.

Does Future Fit Training offer guaranteed interviews once I qualify?

The simple answer is yes. Within the School of Personal Training, we have teamed up with some respected companies to make your move from student to fitness professional even easier. Many offers guaranteed interviews to our Personal Training Diploma graduates for available positions as fitness instructors, studio-based instructors and personal trainers on completion of your relevant training programme. We also have some great tips on personal trainer careers, to help with writing a successful CV, preparing for an interview, or getting your new career or business venture moving in the right direction.

What is the price and how can I pay?

It depends on which diploma/course you are looking at enrolling on. Below are some standard options available to pay for your course.

  1. Pay as you learn
    - Lowest deposit - start training from only £175
    - Spread your payments over a number of months to suit your budget
    - Benefit from our lowest ever monthly payments
  2. Pay a deposit then settle the balance
  3. Pay in full
  4. Pay using a Professional Career Development Loan
We offer other ways to fund your training and we also accept ELCAS for Armed Forces personnel.
What kind of support and resources do you provide for online programmes?

Our extensive Tutor Support team is on hand by phone, email and Facebook to answer any questions that students may have about their training to ensure they are always fully supported and on track.

In terms of resources, you will be offered the following:

  • Flexible e-learning (which includes text, images, animation, audio and video)
  • A list of recommended readings that will be a core part of your learning
  • A dedicated Tutor (who you are going to meet in person)
  • Access to our Student Zone where you find, among other resources, a section dedicated to equipment packs.

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Student success story...

Patricia Carswell, a.k.a. Girl on the River, is a freelance journalist specialising in health, fitness, lifestyle and travel. She takes her passion for sport to the next level and takes on our Level 2 Gym Instructor course.

Patricia Carswell

I signed up with Future Fit Training for the Level 2 gym instructor qualification, hoping to become better educated to support my blog and my own training. I have a rowing blog and wanted a more thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and to learn about what strength training would support my rowing.