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COVID-19 Rehabilitation Course

In the coming months and years, the role of the fitness professional will exceed just facilitating fitness. Your skills and services are needed now more than ever and this CPD course will give you vital skills to support clients who have had COVID-19. The course covers 3 units, which focus on awareness of the condition, increasing understanding and practical application when working with patients.

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Course Overview

As we look to the future, preparing to work with and train individuals who have had Covid-19, it is vitally important to prepare our sector and the health and fitness staff within it.

Covid-19 affects people in different ways, and it can sometimes take weeks, and even months, to fully recover from it's debilitating impact. This course will equip you to safely help people who have had the disease engage in physical activity and exercise, to aid them in their rehabilitation.


The first unit introduces Covid-19 and covers it's nature, impact, prevalence and treatment.


The second unit focuses on rehabilitation, including; communication, recognising when it is safe to exercise, monitoring breathlessness, behaviour change, exercise guidance and coping strategies.


The third unit will equip you with the ability to apply your knowledge. It covers health screening, exercise testing and prescription, fatigue management, and the services available to provide additional support if needed.

Built in partnership with

GM Active
GM Active is a collective of 12 leisure and community organisations from across Greater Manchester that are all part of the same movement, to get more people physically active. The group accounts for 87 leisure and sports facilities across the region, with a combined reach of 30 million visits a year, playing a major role in the health of our communities.

Anthony Crozier
The research team was led by Anthony Crozier, MSC public health who has over 20 years experience in community and clinical exercise provision as a rehabilitation practitioner with the NHS, various local authorities, and the private sector. Anthony is currently studying his PHD focusing on clinical exercise provision in looking at current exercise pathways across cardiac, respiratory, cancer, falls and stroke.

Why should you study this course?


Expand Your Understanding

Build your understanding of the illness and how to provide support and guidance to clients


Increase Customer Confidence

Get your existing customers back to training confidently knowing you have undertaken additional COVID-19 training


Improve Marketing Opportunities

With the knowledge gained, you'll have the confidence to market yourself to clients who have had COVID-19


Gain Vital Skills

This course will give you vital skills to treat and support the whole person through Health, Wellness and Fitness

Thoughts on the course...

"The content looks great, pitched at the perfect level."

"The platform is very user friendly and really interactive to support students through their learning."

Kirsty Rowlinson-Groves, Prehab4Cancer Programme Manager, GM Active

"The Future Fit COVID-19 rehabilitation course provides healthcare professionals with essential and easy to follow instructions to help COVID-19 survivors to become stronger and healthier"

Anant Jani, Oxford Martin Fellow at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford

"A fantastic resource"

"The course will help upskill leisure sector workforces which as a result will provide better outcomes for local communities and the NHS."

Chris Turner, Business Manager, GM Active

Buy Now - £40