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The Essentials For A Successful Fitness Website

It’s more than likely that this isn’t the first article you’ve read on creating a successful website. There are hundreds of these articles online with countless tips on how to make a website that works.

Some of these articles do have valuable content with actions that you can implement into your website, but if we are being honest – there isn’t a perfect formula to a successful website.

However, if we look closely into established fitness websites that are successful, there a few essential features that stand out.

If we strip it down to the basics, a successful website is one that attracts quality visitors and turns them into leads. Attracting visitors and having them engage with your website comes down to three actions – planning, presentation, and content.

So in this article, Startup Active’s marketing expert, Omar Thompson will show you how to plan a website for your fitness business, create awesome content, and add specific elements to make your website successful!

Identify Your Audience And Goals For Your Fitness Website

Building your new website is an exciting time and we want to get it up there ASAP, however, if you let this excitement get the better of you, it can damage your end product.

With this being said, you want to begin with planning your website and identifying your website’s end goal and the target audience you want to bring to your site.

Write a list with everything you want from your website. Research other websites, find styles that you like and elements that you think would work on your website.

Your website needs a purpose for your business and your target audience – don’t just build your website for the sake of it.

Not planning your website around your target audience is simply bad for business. A marketing basic for your business website is to determine whom you expect to visit.

Sadly, there are many websites online that don’t have a target audience in mind. These sites end up not being very successful as people fail to engage with them.

So, plan your target audience, make a list of keywords they will be searching for on Google, and also plan the design and visuals of your website to suit that of your target audience.

For example, if your target audience is 55+ women who are looking to stay active, you shouldn’t plaster your website with edgy images of 20 year old ripped females, as it doesn’t relate to your audience.

7 Seconds To Impress

Here’s a fun fact for you; visitors spend 7 seconds or less on 90% of the websites they visit.

With this being said, it’s essential that you capture the visitor’s attention instantly. In these short moments, you need to make three things clear; what you do, who you do it for, and why your service is the best.

My advice to nail these three things – make your homepage crystal clear. Keep your homepage headline short and snappy, rather than trying to be too clever or quirky.

Also, testing your website is a great way of seeing if features work. A great trick is having a friend or friend of a friend visit your site and see whether they can determine what your business is and does in a short amount of time.

If they hit the nail on the head – perfect! If not, you need to make your website clearer and faster.

Having fast web hosting will guarantee that performance problems don’t hang like a dark cloud over your fitness site, so don’t settle for anything less than a seriously swift setup of your own.

Turning Visitors Into Leads With A CTA


A CTA is a call-to-action, and consists of a button or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and customers to take action. It is, quite literally, a “call” to take an “action.”

This action can be anything from signing up for a free consultation, booking a class etc. Also, a CTA can be placed anywhere in your marketing – on your website, email, blog post – literally anywhere!

Call-to-actions are a must for a high converting website!

CTAs are designed to engage your visitors and guide them down the path to a conversion.

Studies suggest that 9/10 of your website visitors aren’t ready to purchase straight away. You need to remember this when building your website. Try giving them a low barrier offer to begin with – maybe a free session or consultation. You can then nurture them into a paying customer by promoting to them through their submitted details, like emails etc.

Deliver High Quality Content

Grabbing your visitor’s attention is one thing, but keeping them on your website is something totally different.

What is it that keeps people on your website? It’s your content. Without content you can’t effectively tell your story, attract your target market or explain the problems you solve and how.

Keep your content clear and easy to read, while matching the interest of your customers.

Your content should work together with your website design and brand to provide a seamless and compelling experience.

Mobile Friendly Design


Smartphones have recently surpassed desktop in internet browsing. It’s safe to say that technology is evolving and, with this, your online business should be too.

This proves that your website needs to be, not just viewable, but optimised for mobile devices.

Responsive web design insures that no matter what device someone uses, your website delivers content in the most effective way.

If your website is built within WordPress, then it will already have basic mobile optimisation. For complex website designs, custom mobile design may be necessary, however, in no instance should mobile visitors be left in the dark. In 2017, mobile browsers are just as important as desktop users.

Final Thought

In this modern age, every small business should be online. With websites available on practically any budget, it’s becoming difficult to imagine a reason for any company of any size not to have one.

Having a successful website requires time and patience. Rushing a website design will ultimately lead to flaws in lead generation – something that can damage your business.

Take your time when building your website. Search around to find the best possible website agency that has experience working with businesses in your field.

There is no perfect formula, but following these tips will move your business in the right way for online success.

Learn more in our Build Your Fitness Business course.

By Omar Thompson, Startup Active Marketing Manager


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