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Level 4 Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist

Level 4 Low Back Pain

Future Fit tutor Lizzie Tuff takes us through a day on the Level 4 Lower Back Pain course and gives an overview of the journey you will go through. One of our student’s Anthony also provides his thoughts on the course and how it will help him to develop a career in the fitness industry.

Exercising the back is very important for keeping the fibers of ligaments and tendons flexible. By practising and learning how to treat clients with back pain, you can prevent injury and improve mobility.

If you are interested in our Lower Back Pain course, then get in contact and you can start your journey today.

Key Points

  • Lower back pain course journey
  • Feedback from a student currently studying with Future Fit
  • Take a look at our learning environment
  • See the theory and practical elements of the course

We’ll be looking at the burden of Low Back Pain and what it does to our economy, and how it affects people personally. The rest of the day we’ll be looking at lots of warm-up exercises specificially for Low Back Pain clients.