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Growing Old Gracefully with Pilates

Have you ever thought about how you would like to age? How you would like to be or what you would like to look like when you are old?

No one likes to think about growing old. However, the way in which we take care of our bodies is reflected in how we age. If exercise and good nutrition are not a part of a regular life routine, then we may see obesity, osteoporosis, and disease settle in and take over.

Our  Advanced Level 4 Pilates will qualify you to work with a variety of populations. Whether they are in your regular classes, take one-on-one, or you go to nursing homes, you will feel prepared for how to teach various groups of people safely and effectively after our course.

Staying Mobile – Staying Graceful

One of our favorite things about Pilates mat exercise is that it emphasizes full body movement in relation to the core. Most of the exercises are done on the floor. For an elderly population, this may be challenging. In this case, many of the exercises can be performed with a chair so they do not have to go all the way to the floor. This is helpful if they have trouble standing up or sitting down on the floor.

This is why it’s so important to incorporate this action into Pilates classes and continue this movement of sitting down/standing up from the floor no matter your age. We all remember how easy it was as children to play on the ground. Okay, maybe we don’t remember but we certainly see it in the kids around us!

In a traditional Pilates class, it will begin in a standing position and then the student will slowly lower the body to the floor with control in a prescribed manner. This helps both the teacher and student to see what the proper alignment should be when taking a seat on the floor. Why is this so important?

Well, grandparents certainly want to play with their kids on the floor and… we are going to guess that no one likes falling either! Learning to control your body with the use of gravity can certainly help prevent any slip and fall accidents.

At the end of a class is a great time to practice standing up from the floor. Many older adults often have trouble with this the more that they age. They may be trying to stand up in poor positions that are hard on the knees and do not engage the core at all.

The truth is, it does take some core strength to stand up properly from the floor. Additionally, mobile joints and good alignment is also necessary. If the hips are tight or the knees are weak, it could also be problematic. A good Pilates teacher will demonstrate, instruct, and troubleshoot ways to stand up from the floor for all levels and abilities.

When you can continue all of your favorite activities with ease in addition to maintaining your regular routine- walking, standing, sitting, cooking, cleaning, lifting, and more- as you age, the more your body and mind will thank you. The body does not lie! So encourage your students to maintain their Pilates routine no matter their age.

Become a Pilates Specialist with our Advanced Diploma today here at Future Fit Training UK today. From young to old, everyone in your classes will thank you!

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