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Behaviour Change Made Simple

That’s why our Behaviour Change Coaching course includes Formula 4 Change – a simple four-step system that takes you through the entire coaching process with a client.

Having comprehensively covered the latest research on theories and models of behaviour change and client psychology throughout the rest of the course, the Formula 4 Change pulls everything together to clearly guide you on how to easily assess clients, choose the right strategies and techniques to facilitate positive behaviour changes, and successfully implement them.

Exclusive to Future Fit Training, the Formula 4 Change process has been developed by our team of expert nutritionists and trainers, using the research from the rest of the course and their own experience of working with clients.

The Formula 4 Change steps:

  1. Contact – this is all about how you communicate with a potential client that approaches you, what questions to ask and what information to gather. The behaviour change process starts right at the very start of your professional relationship so it’s vital to get this step right. The primary aim is to develop rapport with your client.
  2. Assess – this is about digging deeper into your client’s goals, identifying what changes they may need to make and their ‘readiness to change’ as well as finding out which strategies may be most effective to use with them. SMART goal setting is an important part of this.
  3. Facilitate – once you have a clear picture of a client’s current situation and the behaviours that need to be addressed, you can begin to work with the client to devise an easily implementable action plan that they feel confident they can adhere to. This is the stage where you put strategies and techniques into action to overcome barriers and build your client’s confidence.
  4. Maintenance – the ultimate goal is for your clients to maintain their new healthy behaviour. However, once a client has reached this stage, it does not mean your job is complete. You will need to apply appropriate strategies to ensure that your client avoids relapsing into their old ways.

Getting clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle is harder than you think and so having a simple behaviour change system you can follow easily will greatly increase their chances of success.

Each step of the process is supported by downloadable tools and templates for you to use with clients, further reducing the time and effort you need to spend planning so you can focus on getting results!

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